Played on varying field sizes with a 2:1 ratio, the goal is for one player to capture the other team’s spawn gate successfully. It feels similar to Flag Dash but without the center flag and with a simpler scoring system.

Used as a finale to Endwar Weekend’s Foam Pro Tour since 2022, SEndZone is a competitive format that has seen the most changes year to year (and sometimes mid-season). In 2022, the FPT temporarily changed its name to the Dart Zone Pro Tour and used a regional qualifier system to select eight teams for the final bracket in Rochester. However, this is an outlier to the double elimination bracket used since.

At A Glance


Capture the other team’s spawn gate with an untagged player

Game Time

2 rounds x 3 minutes

Team Size

Players on the field per team: 5v5
Maximum players per team: 7

Loadout Limits

250 FPS Manual Springer; 200 FPS Battery Powered (Flywheeler & AEB)
250 darts per team per game with discretionary distribution

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Foam Pro Tour

Developed by self-described "fearless foam-flinger" and YouTuber Drac Thalassa, FPT aims to provide a safe and fair competitive experience for hobbyists of all stripes.

Photography Credit: United Nerf Ops + TnT Events