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5kg OOD Longshot Spring

5kg OOD Longshot Spring

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The Longshot OOD 5kg spring is a custom spring exclusive to OOD that offers durable zinc-coated steel construction.

• Compatible with Nerf Longshot
• 5KG Rating
• Zinc Coated Steel

• Material: Stainless Steel
• Dimensions: 5.8in
• Weight: 1.1oz 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
John G.
Substantial longshot upgrade for casual play

The spring was properly sized and switched in nicely. The longshot and plunger tube themselves were kind of a pain to open and to reassemble but that of course wasn't the spring's fault. My friend's longshot now shoots much stronger but still safe enough for closer quarters indoor nerfing. A good spring for a minimal power bump to bring the blaster up to modern standards without making it high performance.

Kyle R.
Perfect Step Up

I wanted to do my first mod to my favourite blaster: the Longshot. I found the 5kg spring to be that perfect notch up in power. It took my Longshot from 60fps to 90fps. I've got kids and am not looking to break any records. I just wanted to be able to shoot 30ft across the house and actually kinda hit where you intend rather than watching the darts begin to drop leaving the barrel.

One other great thing about keeping it to the 5kg is that you don't need to reinforce the stock and I'm a nerd and it's way more tacti-cool to retain the adjustable stock functionality.


Jonathan S.
Great spring

I bought this to lower the power on my lynx and it's an amazing spring

Crow F.
5kg spring is smooth

This spring is fantastic for the Lynx's size plunger tube. Nice, easy prime. Nice snappy release.


Great spring. Hits harder than stock but not so hard that it hits too hard to use. Fast shipping! Great product. A++++++++