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Lynx Hardware Kit

Lynx Hardware Kit

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The Lynx Hardware Kit contains all the screws, nuts, and aluminum bars you need to build your very own Lynx from your own 3D-printed parts. 3D files are available from Orion Blasters. 3D parts kits are also available here.

*Note; 15.5" barrel length is intended for use with a slim scar such as the OOD SCARWorker 8-line SCAR or Worker 12-line SCAR.

• Print and build your own blaster with our ready-to-go hardware kit
• Pump-action slam-fire bullpup
• Optional black anodized bars for a sleek look 
• One of the easiest springer builds out there!

• Includes Metal catch with printed part to support higher spring loads
• Elegant, thoughtful design
• Includes 3D-printed plunger head, and turnaround to ensure a proper seal
• Designed by Dan at Orion Blasters. Licensed with royalty and permission.

• FPS ratings are based on the standard barrel. Please note, changing the barrel length, barrel type or adding a SCAR/BCAR will change these ratings.
• Spring data google sheet

• Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel, Spring steel, polycarbonate
• Dimensions:
• Weight: 608 g

• Compatible standard talon magazines
3D files to print your own blaster
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Max M.

This kit is amazing. It gave me a project to fill my time and it hits like a TRUCK

Bradford M.
Great products great support

Received my quality parts in a prompt fashion. Everything worked flawlessly and their customer service was excellent — answering my questions before and after my order!


This blaster is incredible, I’ve simply never seen or used anything like it. The hardware was all top notch bar 2 specific things. The placement of the threaded hole on the pump bar for the spring holder were off by roughly a millimeter making it not sit flush and in addition to that it sits at an angle. Second, this is incredibly minor and can be excused, but at 15:15 in the build guide video for this blaster by OOD Luke makes the claim they include a scar with every blaster because they want an orange muzzle. This kit does NOT include the scar in that video. Luke was probably referring to just the fully assembled one, but if you’re going to make the claim that every blaster gets one I would assume the hardware kit included would be a blaster. Minor complaint though and would just spend the 10$ or so extra to get the scar on top of the kit.

Thanks for your feedback! Only the 3D parts Kits and fully-assembled blasters include a printed Scar. I mention this in the review video. It's assumed you'll print your own if you're ordering a DIY hardware kit.

Delbert R.
Thumbs Up!

I have now built 3 of these from your hardware kits, printing all of my own parts from ABS on my Voron 2.4, with the exception of the polycarbonate catch with metal reinforcement. It's easier to buy that small part with the kit than to set up and tune for poly, even if printing your own parts IMO. Both on the OOD and the Orion website it's strongly recommended to use their plunger and turnaround because of issues with fit, but I think if your printer is reasonably well tuned, that concern is probably overblown. I did make some of the o-ring fit test prints first, and then ultimately printed the standard "E" size turnaround, and it worked fine for me.

The metal parts are excellent and fit perfectly with my printed parts the first time with no adjustment needed. One of the poly catches had a very minor layer shift that needed to be shaved slightly with a razor blade; no big deal. I appreciate the spare o-rings that were included with the kits.

Excellent first hobby blaster

This was my first rifle-style blaster and works great. I printed the 2.1 version and the detent pins were a bit tight but other than that no issues.