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15-Degree SLA + Aluminum Metal BCAR by JingJia / Flag & Armor

15-Degree SLA + Aluminum Metal BCAR by JingJia / Flag & Armor

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The 15-Degree SLA + Aluminum Metal BCAR  is the newest offering by JingJia / Flag & Armor.  Like previous versions, the BCAR itself is SLA-printed, but with a stylish aluminum suppressor-style decorative cover. Three sets of four bearings align and impart spin on the dart, increasing accuracy with minimal loss of performance. This rifling attachment is compatible with most 16mm outer diameter exposed metal barrels*, like the Harrier, Lynx, and Alchemist.

*Due to manufacturing tolerances, some SCARs and BCARs may require masking tape between the barrel and SCAR for an ideal fit.

• 15-degree SLA-Printed BCAR
• Orange anodized aluminum cover
• Designed and produced by Jing Jia of Flag & Armor
• 3 sets of 4 bearings
• Extremely low resistance on the darts
• Universal 16mm ID fit

• Material: SLA-printed with aluminum cover
• Dimensions: 35mm x 120mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing for accuracy and to look at

Put this on my 320fps caliburn and with worker darts I was shooting lasers. This also happens to be the most beautiful scar I’ve ever seen.

Brandon D.

Really good with accuracy