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Compact CNC Metal BCAR by Flag & Armor

Compact CNC Metal BCAR by Flag & Armor

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This is the Newest version of the BCAR from JingJia/Flag and Armor.  This 12 bearing scar is CNC aluminum and is compatible with most 16mm barrels. Bearing scars are excellent at imparting spin on the darts with minimal FPS loss.


• CNC Aluminum
• Available 15°
• Gold or Red anodized aluminum
• Designed and produced by Jing Jia of Flag & Armor
• 3 sets of 4 bearings
• Extremely low resistance on the darts
• Universal 16mm id, fits blasters like the Worker Swift, Talon Claw, Caliburn and lynx

• Material: CNC anodized aluminum
• Dimensions: 23mm x 64mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Awesome BCAR

I run these on my Worker Seagulls and are my favorite BCAR that I've used. the bearings give off such a satisfying sound with every shot.

Andrew H.
Nice edition to my Harrier

I haven’t done a before/ after comparison test but very happy with the accuracy. They may have tweaked the fit for this run as mine fitted the barrel perfectly without the need for spacer tape (as a previous review found). The whooshing noise from the bearings carries on for quite some time (clearly not much friction!) which I could take or leave but TBH in the heat of battle I don’t even notice it. I like the colour, it’s just orange enough and adds a little bit of bling to my blaster. Would happily buy again.

Amazing BCAR

The most durable,stylish BCAR I have ever used and or seen.

Haiden L.

Compact CNC Metal BCAR by Flag & Armor

Ethan J.
Great little gadget

Look, I use foam blasters in the 200-250 FPS range. When it comes to making those shots count, this BCAR is great. I have made several accuracy devices from old school SCAR barrels made from cpvc to 3d printing SCARs and BCARs. I can tell you that nothing I have made is as good as this BCAR. Its accuracy is as good as my other models but this is CNC aluminum so it aint breaking any times soon. With SCARs you have to constantly replace the string which can be a real pain depending on the model, and 3D printing BCARs you have to worry about fragility and heat in a car. Also with the large open side design you don't need to worry about muzzle blast. Although I don't know how it would work on low FPS blasters, I cant tell you that it works great for me. The BCAR fits great on my barrel but I do have a custom barrel that's 22 inches of brass inside of a standard aluminum barrel. Not trying to flex, just saying my BCAR fits perfectly with my barrel. Also bearing so keep moving after the darts shoots through them. I love the sound but I could see where some people would find it annoying. Lastly, the bright orange is really nice to have on the end of my blasters. If you got the money, and you want a great BCAR, I think this is pretty much the best.