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Flag & Armor 15-Degree 3x4 CNC Metal BCAR

Flag & Armor 15-Degree 3x4 CNC Metal BCAR

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This is the Newest version of the BCAR from JingJia/Flag and Armor.  This 12 bearing scar is CNC aluminum and is compatible with most 16mm barrels. Bearing scars are excellent at imparting spin on the darts with minimal FPS loss.

• CNC Aluminum
• Available 15°
• Gold or Red anodized aluminum
• Designed and produced by Jing Jia of Flag & Armor
• 3 sets of 4 bearings
• Extremely low resistance on the darts
• Universal 16mm ID, fits blasters like the Worker Swift, Talon Claw, Caliburn and lynx

• Material: CNC anodized aluminum
• Dimensions: 23mm x 64mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
David T.

The Flag and Armor BCAR is absolutely awesome on my Kirin Type 1, it sounds like smoke coming out of the gun! Absolutely adore this machined piece <3

D. H.

Is the sound it makes when laying down the foam! Pair this with a worker seagull, some work gen 3s, and you've got a tack driver!

Jacob P.
Flag & Armor BCAR: Easy to use!

I threw one of these on my lightly modified Nexus Pro X and it was a treat to use. Super easy to install and I loved this hissing sound of the bearings as the dart wound them up. Accuracy is also very good, especially with Worker Bamboo darts at 200-240fps. The 8° of twist it comes with seems to be the Jack of All Trades for accuracy, working well for a variety of power levels.

Ronnie F.
CNC Metal BCAR by Flag & Armor

It seems to be working well. I have been printing the fishing line scar, which you can buy from Out of Darts, and it works well also. I just wanted something cool and less maintenance. I bought two, one for me and one for my son. He is using a Caliburn4 I built for him with a K14 spring, that spring is too much for this old man. I shoot a Caliburn with metal inserts with a K25/K31 combo. He shoots a lot, and he loves it other than it should twist tighter on the barrel. Taping them looks cheap! The one I have tightens down better than his and needs no tape (I am sure he will end up with mine, lol) for some reason, and we are both using the same .509 barrels bought here and bought at the same time. I measured both barrels and they are identical on a digital caliper. I would suggest, please make it more adjustable on the clamping. I would buy again.


Got this BCAR for one reason the metal bearings on metal housing make a sweet hissing noise with every shot. As a centering device it works wonders as well. Just the highlight for me is it sounds like a hissing cay with every shot.