Rival Apollo 4.25" K26 (Hand cut, one end squared)
Rival Apollo 4.25" K26 (Hand cut, one end squared)

Rival Finisher Spring (125FPS)

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This mod is not for young kids! You'll need fairly strong hands to prime this spring. This Spring has been custom cut from the K25 and tested to fit the Rival Finisher Blaster. The Easy-prime lineup of springs is exactly as it sounds; a great balanced spring load that won't tire you out, yet still provides great performance.

• Simple installation
• One end will be flat/squared, the other will be a raw cut, and bent slightly to avoid wear.
• Average of 124-126 FPS (Stock FPS ~90)

• Cut-to-Length Compression Spring,
• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
• Dimensions: Roughly 4 inches long (9.5-10 coils), hand cut, flat on one end.


• Medium - Lose the top rotator with round spring for easier installation. Take a picture with your phone before removing parts to remember proper orientation of all internals.