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MTB Neo-Rhino 130 3s Motor for Nerf Blasters

MTB Neo-Rhino 130 3s Motor for Nerf Blasters

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The Neo-Rhino 3S Motor is an upgrade of the Rhino 3S Motor and features strong Neodymium Magnets, dual ball bearings, and a durable carbon brushing. 

Please note: Due to this motor shipping from China to Australia to the USA and finally to you, it may have cosmetic issues such as scratches and scuffed paint. This will be the same at all retailers. It will not change performance, or affect the motor's life.   Mounting screws sold separately here

• Designed for 3s lipo (12 volts)
• High-Performance Motor
• Dual Ball Bearings
• Strong Neodymium Magnets
• Carbon Brushed
• Vented housing with a new vent design
• 3s LiPo Battery Power
• 130 size

• 3s motor
• Price is per motor
• Shaft size: 2mm (smooth)
• Note that Color is nickel plated

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Weston S.
They go vroom

Just what I needed, arrived in perfect condition

Tyler Z.

Torque is crazy! Used this in a nerf hyperfire mod, and my darts now give welts! They have almost instant spin up, and they have crazy FPS!

Alex P.
Used for unintended purpose but fantastic

I actually used this to go into an airsoft auto winding box mag for my Airsoft M60, I used to be apart of the nerf community and swapped over and was one of the guys that tested out the old hirmini when that was in testing phase at the Oregon airsoft arena, but this motor I will admit is actually very good to work on airsoft box mags for LMG's and I've been pushing people your way because the motor used in those box mags are literally like 125 sized with the perfect dimensions but with a long short shaft instead of the long shaft on the rhino, so it's pretty good honestly and I'll send more peeps your way I know a shop that will get plenty of them on back log through you to help support the community even if it's not for fully intended purposes

3s Neo-Rhino

Excellent motors for fast spin up and power.

Brandon D.
Neo rhinos

They are awesome