Nerf Hyper Rush-40 Spring (140FPS)

Nerf Hyper Rush-40 Spring (140FPS)

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This precut Nerf Hyper Rush-40 spring has been cut from the K25 has been tested by the OOD team as a perfect upgrade mod for your blaster. This mod is not for young kids! Relatively simple installation, very similar to a Kronos. This spring has been custom cut and tested to fit the brand new Nerf Hyper Rush 40 Blaster. 

• Medium difficulty on installation
• One end will be flat/squared, the other will be a raw cut.
• Average 140 FPS from stock average at 110 FPS
• Cut-to-length compression spring

• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
• Dimension: 143mm Long, hand cut, flat on one end.

Customer Reviews

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Stuart S.
Worth it

Changes the blaster totally. It's dominant in office wars

Shoots hard, but...

Short version: awesome power, but very frustrating for beginners.
Long version: I really do love the spring, but the difficulty on this was out of my league. I'm not an affluent modder (mostly installing hammershot spacers, Perses hoppers, and a couple of Nexus Pro springs), but I saw this and felt like it was worth trying for the increased power. I see why Luke is the pro and able to call this medium difficulty, but I had a terrible time closing up the blaster with this spring in. It kept popping out of place because of the strength and I couldn't get everything lined up while holding the tube in place. After 6 frustrating attempts and realigning all the tiny pieces that kept flying everywhere, I finally closed it up and got to blasting. I do wish I would have waited for a mod video for some tips on closing it up.

1. Made the blaster so much better!
2. Even better when paired with the 3d printed hop-up.
3. Very difficult installation for a beginner like me.