OOD Low Power Spring (Nexus Pro / Max Stryker)
OOD Low Power Spring (Nexus Pro / Max Stryker)
OOD Low Power Spring (Nexus Pro / Max Stryker)

OOD Low Power Spring (Nexus Pro / Max Stryker)

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The OOD Low power spring reduces FPS of the Nexus Pro and the Max Stryker for games with a lower fps cap.  This is an OOD exclusive made from stainless steel.  

• Compatible with Nexus Pro and Max Stryker
• Zinc Coated Steel Construction
• Not compatible with 130 and 100 FPS cap
• 92 FPS with Standard Deviation of 15.3

• Material: Zinc coated Steel

Customer Reviews

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Haven’t received it yet

It’s been two weeks.

Safer to play.

I bought this because I didn’t realize how strong the Stryker was. I wasn’t able to play around the house with my son. Not only is it quieter but I don’t feel like I’m going to hurt my son now.

Tim Clark
Nexus pro/max styker springs

I ordered 2 high power and 2 low powered spring, both seem of nice quality and work with no issues would recommend

Rondelle Rogers Jr
Works great, easy to install, great price. Highly recommend.

Say you want to use your Nexus Pro indoors without denting anything, or use it with people playing with stock blasters, this is just what you need.

It is very easy to install or remove. Just take off the stock, unscrew the one screw holding the end cap in place, twist the cap, and pull it out. You don't even have to put the screw back in because the cap latches.

Standard Elite darts will fishtail less at the lower FPS, though you'll still want to use AF green with blue tip waffleheads or AFpro darts. It also reduces the force required to prime, which could be a bonus for younger/smaller Nerfers.

This spring is incompatible with FPS tuning caps, but that's okay because you can just put the original spring back in and use tuning caps if you want. The OOD tuning caps are also highly recommended for even more FPS options with the standard spring. Buying this spring and the tuning caps for the standard spring give you 90/100/130/150/175 fps options for great versatility.

One suggestion, add a labeled plastic storage tube in the packaging for the spring.

melvin morris
great spring for tuning your nexus pro / max stryker down

Everyone always wants to make their blaster shoot as hard as possible. what happens when you want to tune it down? buy this spring and it makes your blaster safe for indoor play and makes it hit on par with adventure force or dart zone blasters at around 100 fps. Not everyone wants to shoot 145+ indoors when playing with kids. Buy this if you want to quickly detune your blaster without tuning caps