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Rival Vision Spring (135+ FPS)

Rival Vision Spring (135+ FPS)

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This Upgrade Spring for the Nerf Rival Vision improves the performance of the blaster bringing it up to the next level.  The internals are similar to that of a Kronos making the install fairly easy. I suggest releasing the compression on the internal magazine before opening the blaster, do this by just opening the bottom of the magazine.

Blaster not included

• moderate difficulty install, similar to a Kronos
• significant fps increase
• Both ends flat/squared

• Material: Made in the USA of USA spring-tempered steel
• Dimensions: 3.7" Long, flat on both ends

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Customer Reviews

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Achieve sniper status

While I'm not a huge fan of the Vision, it is remarkably accurate with the adjustable sights that come built into it. Now that I upgraded the spring, this blaster it practically a sniper rifle if you have the strength and stability to fire it accurately. It was a simple upgrade, requiring less than 10 minutes, and the performance speaks for itself. I need to get it over my chronograph and see what the final results are, but suffice to say, when the kids hear the first shot, they go running for cover, forgetting I can bounce Rival balls around corners and off walls. Good times.

Joe B.

Put the new spring in my Nerf and the increase in muzzle velocity (not measured, but can tell by the range increase) is BIG!

Alp A.
Need instructional video link

Got the spring, looks great, open up the gun and inside is very complicated. Cant align everything to be able to close it up

Very cool

I had trouble receiving the springs, but the service team was excellent, the spring brings it to 150-170 fps which is also very nice.