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SABRE Metal Catch and Mag Release for Harrier

SABRE Metal Catch and Mag Release for Harrier

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This upgrade part is for the Worker Harrier to replace its plastic catch plate with a high-quality metal bearing catch. This is a gold anodized aluminum catch and mag release upgrade made by SABRE to work with the Harrier blaster. Includes micro bearings and the screws required for assembly.

*This part is shipped unassembled and uses the stock blasters springs.

• Gold anodized finish
• CNC machined aluminum for lightweight and durable part
• Compatible with Worker Harrier

• Material: Aluminum
• Weight: 15g

Worker Harrier

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Customer Reviews

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Wilbert Q.

Would rate it higher if you were not forced to buy the mag release with the catch. This seems to be the case even on Saber's Website, so I doubt OOD has much of a choice in the matter. For what it's worth, the mag release feels good, better than the stock release. As for the catch, it is that high quality you can expect from Saber, and a must have if you bought the metal plunger. Can't imagine the stock plunger and catch holding up long to the higher stress from a Swift 1.8 upgrade spring. I found it somewhat difficult to assemble, and to reassemble the Harrier after installing, but completely doable.
P.S. Be generous with lube on the catch and plunger contact patch. I applied little and now have noticeable indents on the plunger contact patch. You'll also need a plunger pad on the ram rod for a SWIFT 1.8 spring for the catch to engage, which you can get on OOD. Doubt this is an issue for the Harrier's intended springs.


high quality , highly recommend