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Sabre Harrier/Seagull Metal Bearing Catch Kit

Sabre Harrier/Seagull Metal Bearing Catch Kit

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The Sabre Harrier/Seagull Metal Bearing Catch Kit is an upgrade part, replacing the plastic catch plate in a Worker Harrier or Seagull with a high-quality metal bearing-assisted catch. Made with CNC-machined aluminum with a gold anodized finish, this catch kit is shipped unassembled. Lubrication is recommended to reduce wear under heavy spring loads.

• Metal bearing-assisted catch kit
• CNC machined aluminum for lightweight and durable part
• Gold anodized finish
• Compatible with Worker Harrier and Seagull blasters
• Assembly requires a 0 or 00 Philips screwdriver
• Lubrication of the metal parts recommended

• 1 Metal Catch Plate
• 4 Metal bearings
• 3 #0 Philips drive pan head screws

*This part is shipped unassembled and uses the stock blaster's catch spring.

• Material: Aluminum

• Worker Harrier
Worker Seagull

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jason L.
Excellent customer service

Excellent service always email me with answers quickly. Great prices.


The feels & operates much more smooth over the stock catch. The increased durability especially with higher power springs is a must upgrade. Great part!


It was difficult putting together but overall Great material great product!!!

Johnny B.G.
SABRE Metal Catch for Seagull, a MUST if you upgraded to the metal plunger.

I upgraded to the SABRE metal plunger along with a stronger spring for my Seagull. That worked great for a little bit, but the metal plunger destroyed the plastic catch that comes stock in the Seagull, and it suddenly wouldn't stay primed. So, if you upgrade to a metal plunger, you better upgrade the catch also. Either do both together or don't do either to avoid this problem.

The metal catch fixed my gun and it works great, just wish I'd have bought them both together and avoided being out of commission until buying the catch later.

Nice upgrade!!

I bought this catch and a Sabre plunger at the same time to increase the durability and reliability of my Seagull. I thoroughly clean my blaster after every event and started noticing some minor wear on both the stock catch and plunger after 4 months of heavy use I’m guessing somewhere between 2000 and 4000 shots. Since upgrading I have noticed the trigger pull is much smoother and crisper. It also seems to be a little bit lighter of a pull. Both the catch and plunger are excellent quality and fit perfectly. I have had both installed for about a month now and I can’t detect any wear on either. I highly recommend both for anyone that has a Harrier or Seagull they use competitively.