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Tezuo 21A Micro Short-Arm Roller

Tezuo 21A Micro Short-Arm Roller

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An inexpensive microswitch with short-arm roller or long-arm roller options. The shorter roller provides a shorter arm for those tight modding spaces. Offers an affordable option compared to $5+ switches.

• 21A Short-Arm Roller or 21A Long-Arm Roller
• Sourced by FoamBlast

• 21A rating
• Lever switch

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kolt S.
Broke immediately

My switch broke almost immediately after using it. I wouldn’t recommend the tezuo’s. Just get the omron’s, they’re worth it.

AC/DC you've been thunder struck

If you use these make sure to get a mount if OOD makes one this will help extend its life as you won't over compress the "switch" when rev'ing. It has DC ratings AND the type of switch is clearly marked on the back!!!!!!

Mike R.
Great so far

I put this in as a rev trigger in a Rapidstrike and has a great response and feel. It is a little thick (~12mm I think) but it did fit in the existing bracket with some modification. The width of it did require different screws than extra blaster ones. Its size also didn't allow it to be used for the pusher cut-off switch (at least I couldn't find a way), I had to use the smaller roller switch.

Brell C.
Tezuo 21amp short roller arm

Great product for the price. Highly recommended for most flywheel builds. Not quite as sturdy as an Omron but less than half the price and has the roller if you need a roller for the design of the build. Plastic shell of the switch is not quite as sturdy as Omron but works well enough for most applications. For high power builds or rival flywheel motors the Omron 21amp is better as the Tezuo can burn out. I burned out one of these on a Nemesis rev trigger for a very high power 3s build. Aside from that, I have never had one of these burn. I have had 2 that came defective from the manufacturer out of roughly 100, which is acceptable lemon ratio in most industries and for the price is not a concern at all. Thank you OOD for carrying such great products!!!