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Worker Aluminum Alloy Pump Kit for Retaliator

Worker Aluminum Alloy Pump Kit for Retaliator

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The Worker Pump Kit Prime Rod for Retaliator is made of durable aluminum alloy and attaches easily to 15cm rails.  This design has an easy spot to attach a handgrip. This durable design is compatible with the Nerf Retaliator or Worker Prophecy blasters.

• Compatible with Nerf Retaliator or Worker Prophecy Blasters

• 18KG rated spring
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Weight: 200g
• SKU: W0385 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan K.
Quality service

Y’all are the best. It takes an army to provide the level of service that Out Of Darts turns out. The whole team is amazing!

Tim S.
I really like it a lot, the aluminum is very thick and strong

Great product from worker, only concern is that the constant friction of metal and plastic may damage the blaster over time.

Gavin V.
Rose Gooooooollldddd.

Somethings to note that aren’t mentioned in the description or these other reviews. This kit comes with hardware not pictured. Such as the insert nuts for the bolt sled, and a couple other different lengths of screws (if you need clearance for other shells or covers. Comes with an Allen wrench but not a screw driver. I used this pump on a nerf Retaliator with the original barrel. I also have the Orange Mod Works Core Kit, the insert nuts did not need to pressed into the bolt sled, literally just dropped in. Everything is top notch, only concern I have is the Phillips head screws are a little soft. Please use a #2 head or you will be kicking yourself. You will have to supply your own grip but any of the work ones will do. 5/5

Hunter E.

Worker Aluminum Alloy Pump Kit for Retaliator

Colt S.
Best Retaliator pump kit

Pros: Easy to install, very durable, fair price, enough picatinny rail to mount a decent sized foregrip, comes with allen key and spare screws.

Cons: No instructions, can't be comfortably used without foregrip.