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Worker A-Style Retractable Shoulder Stock CLOSEOUT

Worker A-Style Retractable Shoulder Stock CLOSEOUT

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The Worker A-Style is a buffer tube compatible, retractable Shoulder Stock.  Featuring a unique look this shoulder stock needs to be paired with a Worker MOD stock adapter (not included).  This unique addition is easy to install and works with a ton of Nerf Blasters.

• Compatible with Nerf N-Strike Elite Blasters
• Stock Adapter Necessary for mod.
N-Strike Elite Stryfe, Retaliator, Rampage, Demolisher 2 in 1, Alpha Trooper CS-6, Alpha Trooper CS-12, Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12, Nerf Modulus Blasters
• Blaster not included.

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Includes: 1x Shoulder Stock
• Weight: 297g
• SKU: W0180


•  Worker MOD Stock Adapter

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

It was a stock with holes in them


Great product. Looks cool and is easy to remove and put on.


Very good quality

There are better options out there for a Seagull

First off, let me see that this has nothing to do with out of darts. It is totally a manufacturing tolerance issue at Worker I had contacted out of darts they would have taken care of it, but I didn’t because I found another blaster the stock fits much better on. I Ordered this stock the same time I ordered my Seagull and the fit was very sloppy the best way I can describe it would be putting a commercial stock on a mil, spec, buffer tube in the real steel world as you can see in the picture with the stock at the midpoint. There’s a good 3/16 of an inch of play by the time you get to the end of the stock it moves up and down a good 5/8 of an inch to may be 3/4. and it is very heavy it is at least twice if not more the weight of the Magpul I replaced it with. What makes it even worse is that all the weight is in the butt pad so not only is it heavier all the weight is as far back as possible. It was bad enough I decided to go to my first game using the stocks thing that’s included with the seagull, which I ended up removing mid game because it would not stop hanging on everything and I ended up finishing with no stock at all.

This is great feedback, thank you. We're happy to take returns at any time since you didn't reach out. We'll do better to also watch reviews more consistently.

Nathan W.
Not quite what I was expecting

Overall the stock does it's job, but I didn't realize before ordering that there were cutouts that let the color of the buffer tube show. I actually kind of like it now though. My main issue though is the fit of the stock, as it is very tight and difficult to remove without almost hitting yourself in the face.

Thanks for your feedback on the tight fit. We apprecaite you taking the time to review. Should you prefer a return on this part, we're happy to swap you for another type or offer a refund.