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Worker Collapsible Stock Tube with Cap (Compatible with Nerf)

Worker Collapsible Stock Tube with Cap (Compatible with Nerf)

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The Worker Nerf Collapsible Stock Tube with Cap offers a a folding shoulder stock upgrade.  Mod required to your Nerf N-Strike Elite Series and Modulus Series Blasters. This mod requires an add-on stock part to complete the set like the Magpul Style Stock we currently have linked below.

• Folds for storage

• Material: ABS plastic

• Magpul Style Stock

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Customer Reviews

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Good quality

Fixes the DZP Mk1.2’s stock issue, if yours breaks…

Fixes the DZ Mk1.2’s stock issue, if yours broke. Mine hasn’t yet, I just wanted to have a back up plan in case it does. This stock does take some hand pressure to engage the hinge. It’s also a little tight when I put my DZ stock in it, but I’ll likely sand it slightly for a better fit. It’s also a little longer than the 1.2’s stock buffer tube. It can still tab into the retention clip on the side of the Mk1.2 with zero modification. I may saw it down to match the stock buffer tube length. Great quality item! Thanks OOD!


Was concerned with its stability at the folding point. But, I put it where I planned, and it’s perfect. Any potential wobble, is basically undetectable. Solid. As well as OOD being top notch in all aspects.

Kane D.

More sturdy than I thought it would be

Ephram T.
A little stiff/hard to actuate

The buffertube is amazingly stable and very sturdy, and it adds some nice weight to the blaster. But the folding mechanism is very stiff and you really have to press down with lots of force to get it to disengage from it's locked positions. On a solid blaster like the Stryfe it's not a problem, but with 3D printed blasters I feel like I'll bend the print before it unlocks.