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Worker Nexus Pro Upgrade Spring

Worker Nexus Pro Upgrade Spring

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The Worker Nexus Pro Upgrade Spring offers an upgrade option that is compatible with the Nexus Pro Blaster. This upgrade spring is not compatible with the 175FPS tuning cap that we carry. 

• Compatible with Nexus Pro Blaster.
• Not compatible with our 175FPS tuning cap or Spacer

• 16KG
• Material: Metal
• Weight: 26g
• Dimensions: 15 x 200mm
• SKUW0525
•Average FPS with Adventure Force Pro Darts 183
•Standard Deviation 9

-Nexus Pro Blaster
-Nexus Pro Tuning Caps
-Nexus Pro Top Rail Extension
-Nexus Pro Sling Mount
-Nexus Pro Scar Barrels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Item came as described!

Caleb F.
Upgrade spring

It's an excellent upgrade to the nexus pro improving performance however I would not consider fielding a 165-175 fps nexus without a scar barrel since the darts at that velocity out of a nexus are too inaccurate. The spring spacer is better value for the price though. Currently I run a nexus pro with just a scar barrel and spring spacer and would not consider adding the upgrade spring to hit 200+ until I get the aluminum priming kit and internals kit because the blaster can't take the hard prime with upgrade spring and spring spacer. Note the upgrade spring can work alone to hit 165 with a reasonable prime pretty well. In conclusion to hit 165 fps just get the spring spacer for 2 dollars. To hit 200+ fps buy the aluminum upgrade kits first and pair with spring spacer and upgrade spring. For a stand alone product it's good but for the above application 5 stars overall good product.

Jacob S.
Worker Nexus Pro Upgrade Spring

This thing accompanied by the two metal internal kits turn the nexus pro into a whole new blaster!!

Hi Jacob,
Is there anything we can help with here? We see you left a 1-star review, but without details we're unsure what happened.

Luke @ Out of Darts

Matt P.
Put holes in cardboard

What an upgrade! Totally worth it! Be careful with it, it can hurt at close distances to get hit with it after this upgrade spring!

Austin P.
Awesome spring.

Loved how this sping improved speed and range of my Nexus pro. I was able to test it out with Luke from OOD and the S.D.N.C. at jungle island. And I got some hits from some major distances.