Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!
Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!
Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!
Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!
Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!
Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!

Worker Phoenix Blaster - CLOSEOUT SALE!

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On sale until we sell them out. Making room for products in our ever crowded warehouse!

The Worker Phoenix Blaster is a full auto, short dart compatible blaster.  Offering mag through grip paired with a compact, transparent design. Worker has entered the OEM foam blaster manufacturing with this unique three-stage short dart flywheeler. Offering a rate of fire dial. Offering a large, 3s compatible battery compartment. Includes six flywheels and six 132 motors. All of our 3s LiPo Batteries will work in this blaster. Battery sold separately. 

• Full Auto short dart blaster
• Compatible with short darts
• Only Compatible with Angled Talon Mags
• Battery not included
• Includes 10x short darts

• Material: Injection Molded PC
• Package Weight: 981g
• Dimensions: 58 x 295 x 215mm
• SKU: W0539

LiPo Alarm
Worker 10-Round Talon Slanted Short Dart Magazine
Worker Phoenix Flywheels

• LiPo Battery 3s Zippy 2200mAh 25c
• LiPo Battery Turnigy 3s 2200mAh 40-50c
• LiPo Battery 3s Worker RtD3 2200mAh 
• LiPo Battery 3s Nano-Tech 3s 1500mAh 35-70c 


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gabriel A.
I want a refund

I shot off 8 darts before I got a jam that completely ruined the first pair of flywheels and made it unusable.

Henry C.
Dude this is so OP

I got this when it was on sale after a friend recommended this to me right before I was about to buy a nightingale, I am so glad they did, this gun shoots fast and hits faster, way more than satisfied with this blaster, I love it so much and would say, BUY IT NOW, BEFORE IT SELLS OUT!

Ian F.

Worker Phoenix Blaster - SALE!

Sunia L.
I'm still wearing the smile this blaster gave me

this is a great out of the box blaster and a complete joy to play with. it has some faults that are kind of hard to ignore. overall I give this blaster a 4 out of 5 stars. if you are a fair weather nerfer like me who is not strong in modding but just want to come out and play with other people. this can be a really good buy.

the local nerf community has been starting back up again so i got to meet some other players and got around to sharing our new blasters and builds this past two years. me and another friend traded blasters, i gave him my Dartzone mk3 and i got his Phoenix 1.0 to compare the two and it's a very different feeling when compared to my Mk3. using this blaster on full auto or 3/4 tuned to full auto is just puts a smile on my face that just hurts days after. This blaster shoots hot, fast and it's fairly accurate. it was such a joy after that match i bought one myself when it was on sale along with a buttstock and front grip to give it a full clear look ( sadly the mags I ordered were translucent blue not clear so no show off pic at this time until new ones show up. but such is life) and it's nice and clean.

- this blaster comes complete just add battery and alarm
- this is pretty good performance for it's price point
a) Note: I compare this to my Darzone Mk 3 which cost similar. ( $105 compared to $120 for the mk3).
b) Note: I feel this really outperforms the Mk3.

- this blaster may shoot a little to hot for your local events. most events cap their darts at 130-150 feet per second (FPS) and this shoots just above on average ( 145 to 160). which means you might not be able to use this blaster. so you are in a situation where this blaster is too strong for lightly moded matchs ( under 150) and under performing for the FPS 150+ matches.
- starting mag is only 10 round and you need to buy angled mags for this. standard ones will not fit. so there is additional cost if you are planning to adopt this planform for your nerf events.
- this blaster really needs a select fire option. tuning the rate of fire down doesn't really feel right. I hope in a future version will have select fire.

Kevin K.M.
I have a new favorite flywheel blaster.

I've got several modded stryfes. I got this because it was on sale. Now I can't wait to try this in a battle. I'm now saving to get a 2.0. The ROF isn't as fast as my modded stryfe but... it's fast enough and the short darts seem to be more accurate than the full lengths the stryfe uses. The only negative is that I've only got straight talons, now I gotta get more mags.