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Worker Phoenix 2.0 Blaster

Worker Phoenix 2.0 Blaster

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PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer able to ship any blaster to international customers (outside of Canada).

The Worker Phoenix 2.0 Blaster is a full auto, short dart compatible blaster.  This updated short dart blaster utilizes worker angled 10 or 18-round magazines. The blaster features a PWM for adjustable rate of fire and sleek updated styling. Included is an 18-round magazine.  2200mAh battery fit is tight and requires that the balance leads are outside the battery compartment using the hole in the side of the battery door.

• Full Auto short dart blaster
• Compatible with short darts
• Only Compatible with Angled Talon Mags
• Battery not included
• Includes 18x short darts and 1x 18-round magazine

• Material: Injection Molded PC
• Package Weight: 981g
• Dimensions: 58 x 295 x 215mm
• SKU: W0578

Worker Battery or Turnigy Battery
LiPo Alarm
Worker 10-Round Talon Slanted Short Dart Magazine
Worker 18-Round Talon Angled Short Dart Magazine
Worker Phoenix Flywheels

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fantastic blaster

This blaster is probably the most fun I’ve had foam flinging ever. I don’t think that there’s anything I can say that hasn’t already been said about this blaster so I’ll just say that you should definitely get this blaster if you’ve been wanting it but make sure to pick up some spare batteries for it. It goes through charge like crazy.

great blaster to DESTROY your friends

I had so much fun just shooting at pillows and curtains around the house. BTW by a decent size battery! this thing drains them real fast

Ben F.
great blaster

overall a great blaster

Kelvin C.
Worker Phoenix 2.0

This is such an amazing blaster and an amazing build and mod love it so much and thank u
My son did a video on this gun so in case u wanna see it go to Phillynerf215 on YouTube

Jakeb V.
It just keeps getting better!

It is an understatement to say I love this blaster, it's a game changer for me and gives me high hopes for the future of the hobby. I won't go into all the details, the review Luke gave it layed it all out, but having this thing in my hands made me really appreciate all the little details put in to it. My only issue is getting the battery situated without worrying if I'm putting too much stress on the wires, and some thumb screws will definitely be appreciated. A slightly expanded battery door would work wonders, but knowing OOD, I wouldn't be surprised if that's already in the works. As always, nothing short of excellent service from the shop and a blaster that will keep me satisfied for a long time!