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Worker Reinforced Catch with Roller for Longshot CLOSEOUT

Worker Reinforced Catch with Roller for Longshot CLOSEOUT

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The Worker Plunger Reinforcement catch gives you extra reinforcement within the plunger tube to increase durability and loading. This design features a release button roller and release spring.

• Compatible with Nerf Longshot CS-12, Longshot CS-6 and Worker Terminator

• Plunger Tube Reinforcement 

• Material: CNC
• Weight: 7g
• SKU: W0474

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Customer Reviews

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John D.
As shown, but needs shell modifications

I got this to replace the stock catch in my Longshot as I noticed the plastic back face of the stock catch was getting worn smooth by the heavy spring load I put in there. This does the job nicely and the roller on the bottom makes the trigger pull much smoother.
It should be noted however that the wider profile of the roller requires some shell modification I didn't expect initially, specifically on the side of the shell with the **** holes. There is a little bit of plastic that gets in the way and needs to be shaved down for this catch to fit properly. Once you do that it's fine, though.