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Worker Prophecy A Plunger Tube (Larger air volume)

Worker Prophecy A Plunger Tube (Larger air volume)

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The Worker Prophecy Plunger Tube improves accuracy and range of your Prophecy blaster. Can be used for Retaliator with some extra work.

• Compatible with Worker Mod Prophecy Series.  Retaliator compatible with extra modding
• Largest air volume

• Material: ABS Plastic
• Weight: 65g
• SKU: W0215

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
laurad 1.
plunger tibe

to make the prochecy fly this is the thing a 250 fps upgrade to the nerf retailator it is awsomsme easy install


Great quality and fit. It's essential to get the fips

Amy B.

This thing is great for performance. However, it’s a pain to install in the Retaliator shell as it’s not clear what plastic to cut out to make it fit. I highly recommend looking up what plastic to dremel or snip out before actually doing so. Also, make sure to find a guide for your specific color of Retaliator. I think the shell of the blue one and the shell of the white one are slightly different.

It's Big!!!

I first tried to fitters in a retaliator shell and couldn't get the plunger to catch properly so I got a prophecy shell and the prophecy still needed some modification but eventually it fit. I'm using a 25n spring and my prophecy us doing consistent 220fps. Very happy with the outcome.

Richard N.
Retaliator Expanded Plunger Tube

Excellent product from Worker. But what's best is that Out of Darts brings it and many other products from overseas and distributes in the USA. They have fantastic customer service and the owner Luke regularly answers questions personally. This store is A+!!!