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XYL KM9 Unicorn Metal CNC Internal Upgrade Kit with 2.0 High-Power Spring

XYL KM9 Unicorn Metal CNC Internal Upgrade Kit with 2.0 High-Power Spring

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This set of internals completes a full metal internal upgrade of your XYL KM9 Unicorn. Make your tank of a CQB springer even more durable by replacing the few ABS parts with a CNC aluminum core! Includes a 2.0 High-Power Spring. 

• Upgraded Ram & Ram base
• Upgraded Plunger head
• 2.0 Spring (highest power spring available)
• Includes replacement priming arm screws and O-rings

• Dimensions: 
Material: CNC Aluminum

XYL Unicorn Blaster
1.8 Spring
• More XYL Unicorn parts

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Packs a punch

Easy to install, nice to add some strength to tne internals. The 2.0 spring is pretty stiff for a small blaster, found top prime was easier as the pump grip loosens with the extra tension.


Beautifully crafted, fits perfectly and one heck of a power boost.

unicorn review

The metal kit is fine but the spring is just too strong to use easily. In addition, I'm having trouble smoothly loading darts when priming. It acts as if it's vacuum -loading or maybe the pushtube is a little too long but it's a big problem for me.

Alex M.
Highly Recommended

A serious upgrade. 220FPS with worker heavy darts. 315FPS with Azure Dragon Darts. Super accurate with the long barrel and bearing SCAR.
10/10 get this upgrade every time

Come for the durability, stay for the performance.

I purchased this with the intention of making my Unicorn nearly indestructible. It was very easy to install. Only nine screws to completely replace the internals. The included replacement screws for the breach came with thread lock which was a nice addition. What I wasn't expecting was that it would increase my performance by about 20 FPS. I had to trim off a bit of the stock spring to bring it below 150 FPS for my local field games. Just for giggles I put in the 2.0 spring and was hitting ~220 FPS. If your elbow can handle the prime and you want a compact ultra stock spring powered this is what you want.