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ZWQ S200 Fire Rat Blaster

ZWQ S200 Fire Rat Blaster

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PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

The S200 Fire Rat by ZhenWeiQi is an excellent choice for a unique sidearm.  If you are looking for a sleek mag in grip spring-powered sidearm this blaster will fit the bill. At around 110-130 fps it also makes an excellent choice for HvZ game types. This blaster includes one proprietary weighted mag that holds open when you're... out of darts. Nightingale mags can also be modded to be compatible.

This blaster comes disassembled in two boxes. See our video or blog post linked below for a complete tutorial. Available in clear with orange accents.

• Original design
• Stylized shell
• Great Sidearm choice for HVZ
• 110-130FPS

Dimensions: 223mm x 188mm x 43mm
• Weight: 1.5 lbs (packaged)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joe l.
Good for Price but Has some Issues

I really like this blaster, but I do have some things to note.
1. First is the slide, the slide latches some times get stuck, so to fix that just get some silicone lube spray and spray them. They'll be just fine fine.
2. Second thing to note is the magazine, it only takes the magazine it comes with. It can take a nighingale mag but you have to mod the exterior a bit. So no talon or katana mags.
3. Last thing to note is, it hates worker gen 3 darts. If you use these darts, the performance is really off because of the seal. They only shoot like 20feet. But with the adventure force pro darts and dart zone bamboo 2.0 darts, it works really good.
Conclusion - I love this blaster, I think its a good competitive side arm but just like any blaster, it has requirements and not all darts work the best. The bamboo 2.0 darts from dartzone work really well though. besides some of these issues, its a really good powerful small sidearm.

Loud as ****ë

The slide release is loud as ****, which is super cool. It kind of like a mix between a glock and beretta 92fs

Very versatile blaster

Im impressed how hard it hits in such a small package. The price was a bit over the top but I think it’s worth the money, would love to get some accessories and other colours for this blaster in the catalog for sure!