Dart Zone Pro Mk-3 Mod Guide

Dart Zone Pro Mk-3 Mod Guide

For its faults, the DZP Mk-3 is a great blaster for newer hobbyists, and Dart Zone took some innovative risks in its development. It's full-stroke pusher made it incredibly easy to use full-lengths and half-lengths, but it introduced the potential for jams, double-feeding, and general irritation. The battery tray could be removed to take LiPos out of the box, but its limited room prevented most of the 3S batteries we own to be used without a larger battery door.

But these are all things that can be fixed. Even for its price at $129.99, to have a competition-ready flywheeler without the need to immediately rip everything out and mod it cannot go understated. And with mod parts and continued testing, both here at OOD HQ and elsewhere, this blaster is looking to be one of the better options to pick up in 2021.

Below is our mod guide for for the Dart Zone Pro Mk-3. Our goal is to be as concise and easy to understand as possible, with chapter markers in case you want to skip certain optional internal mods (like our pusher motor upgrade). Please let us know where we can improve our tutorials; our comments and email inbox are always open.

In this instance, we decided to omit the wiring diagram. You really don't need it, what with 16-gauge wire already in the blaster and our Motor span board. This blaster makes it really easy to get your feet wet when you're ready to open up the blaster. Luke says this is probably the easiest mod of all time.

Want to get started? We have a complete mod kit available, including:

  • 1x - OOD MK3 Pro Cage (41mm spacing recommended)
  • 2x - Kraken 130 Motors
  • 1x - Daybreak flywheels (pair)
  • 4x - motor screws
  • 1x - Motor Span Board for easy soldering
  • 1x - XT-60U mountable connector for easy cage swapping
  • 1x - XT-60 Male/Female for modular cage swap
  • 1x - Small Heat Shrink Wrap cut to 6"
  • 1x - Large Heat Shrink Wrap cut to 1"
  • 2x - 3D Printed Motor Cage Spacers

We also have a collection of over 20 3D-printed designs and compatible accessories here, with descriptions and product overview videos for each product. Have a question? don't hesitate to ask us on our new Q&A section at the bottom of each listing!  - J Perry Heun

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