MOD GUIDE: Rival Nemesis

The Rival Nemesis is an extremely popular blaster and an equally popular modding choice.  This mod shows you how to give your Nemesis some extra punch with a 3s LiPO Battery and includes a full wiring diagram as well as a parts list.


There are currently no third party flywheels or motors available for the Nemesis, but we are hoping this may change in the near future! 
The nemesis is pretty straight forward, so that helps a lot. Be careful with the screws, and go slowly. You'll want to make sure you have the proper srewdriver or else you will more than likely strip the screws and be cranky. A few of the screws are a pain to open, so watch those large screws.  



1x - 3s LiPO Battery (for less power you can also do a 2s Battery)
1x - XT-60 Connectors (1Pair)
2x - Option 1: 21A Omron Microswitch w/ Lever  (1st recommendation)
       Option 2: 21A (Clone) Microswitch w/ Lever  (More Affordable)
1x - Thumbscrew (Optional)
1x - Super Glue (If using 3d Switch Plates - Hot glue can also work in a pinch)
1x - Epoxy Putty (Required if you don't use the OOD switch plates to build up switch base)

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  • I’m scared if I buy this kit, I won’t be able to modify my nemesis properly and successfully. Is there anyway I could send my nemesis over to be modified and pay for all charges. I am very desperate please.

    Sarah Yazbeck

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