Little Rocket Mighty Mama Mountable Blaster
Little Rocket Mighty Mama Mountable Blaster
Little Rocket Mighty Mama Mountable Blaster

Little Rocket Mighty Mama Mountable Blaster

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Please note since this is a new product there is a print and build lead time of +1-2 weeks 

Mighty mama is the largest member of the Little Rocket family, designed and engineered by Tarik. This is the Mighty Mama version of the Little Rocket and can be held in hand, mounted on blasters or arm mounts.

Please confirm with your customs about importing a 3D printed blaster. 


Mighty Mama Manual

• Hot-swap to any ammo type
• Highly customizable to your preferred playstyle
• Buffy and powerful with a strong kick
• Can Fire all major ammo types (Short Dart, Elites, Rivals, Mega, Boomco, Ultra, MegaXL, Rockets)

Mighty Mama has three different bases: Picatinny, Nerf-Style, or Rival Rail. Each base connects from the Mighty Mama base to the rail your choice. 

Notes on Barrels:

• Mega XL: Holds one Mega XL. Inner tubing is elite size, so either one elite or up to 3 shorts darts can be shot from it. Recommended barrel due to multi-use.
• Triple Mega: Holds three Mega Darts. Performs better if the tightness is the same across all darts.
• Quintuple: Designed to fire five triple elites or ten short darts. Depending on ammo type(i.e., Orange Nipple Darts), will fire five at a time when ten darts are present. 
• Elite: Has a taper at the bottom to improve hold on Elites.
• Short Dart: Has notches on both sides to allow quicker reload and one-handed loading with SAM and AM.
• Mega: Genuine Megas perform better than fake ones.
• Rival: Designed to fire one rival ball but can hold two at a time.
• Ultra: One of the best firing ammo types... We don't know why, either.
• Boomco: Designed to grab the notch of the first ring of the dart. Careful not to push the dart too far into the barrel.
• Triple Elite/SD: Designed to fire three elites or three short darts. Can hold six short darts. Depending on ammo type(i.e., Orange Nipple Darts), will fire three at a time when six darts are present. 

Primary = Body, Bottom Plate
Accent = Trigger, Rod
Barrel = Barrel


• FPS Specs (Spring)
-- Short Dart 117.7 FPS (2.8)
-- Elites 104.3 FPS (3.2)
-- Rival 87.2 FPS (3.2)
-- Mega 83.8 FPS (6.5)
-- Boomco 90.7 FPS (2.8)
-- Ultra 92.8 FPS (4.7)
-- Triple 72.4 FPS (3.5)
-- Triple Hyper 61.2 FPS (3.4)
-- Mega XL 42.2 FPS (4.3)
-- Triple Mega 50.7 FPS (6.6)
-- Quintuple Elite 62.1 FPS (6.2)

- 8x M3 Square Nuts, M3x12mm Screws
- 16mm and 2x 123 O-Rings
- 24mm Ball-pin Rod 
- Trigger Spring
- Main Spring
- M3x12mm Ball pin Rod
- Caliburn Tubing
- 2x M3 Hex Nut
- 2x M3x30mm hex Screws


• M3 screwdriver 
• Hammer 
• Pliers
• Needle nose Pliers
• Lubricant (found here)


Coming soon...

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thomas B.
Fun to build and Play With

This is an amazing kit and it was easy to put together. The print quality is amazing. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a good sidearm or primary for a decent price. Also great from the multi use it brings

Adam P.

Added this to my modded nerf fate, and it provides a tactical edge when you can hot swap between all the ammo types. Also the actual blaster works amazingly, and the mega XL/short dart single shot attachment is by far the best one.

Jose Y.
An OOD birthday is the best birthday!

The moment I saw the release video for the Mighty Mama, I just had to have one! My awesome wife said to go ahead and order one for my birthday gift, so I placed the order July 22nd. On the website it says there may be a 1-2 week lead time for printing. I don't know how, but the amazing Out Of Darts team managed to have it arrive less than a week later right on my actual birthday! I had also ordered the adapters for nerf and rival rails to Picatinny, as well as the upgrade 175 FPS cap for my DartZone Max Stryker (I previously ordered the 100 and 130 FPS caps which also arrived quickly and worked flawlessly). I am VERY pleased with everything! Thank you SO much to Luke and the entire Out Of Darts team! I'll be looking forward to my next purchase: the skinny pusher for the Max Stryker!

Brandon G.

Phenomenal power in a compact package

Michael g.
overall good

very good as a masterkey but too big to fit on the bottom rail of a rapidstrike and the n strike rail adapter is too fat for the side rails