Silicone Motor Spacers/Dampers (vibration reduction)

Silicone Motor Spacers/Dampers (vibration reduction)

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The silicone motor spacers/dampers are perfect for fitting Neodymium ball-bearing motors in current cages. These also help reduce vibration transmitted through the cage.

• Perfect for Fang and Kraken motors! 

• Sold in pairs.

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Yury L.
Found a good alternative use

So I've ordered these just to try in my very first (Stryfe) mod.
When used with Worker Transparent Standard Cage, they leave very little thread length for motor screws to go into the motors. Plastic caged do not need damping as much as metal ones do anyway, so I decided not to use those as intended.

But I've found a neat way to use them as a base to even the pressure on the back of the motor during flywheels installation. I did one without anything and one with 2 Silicone Spacers + 1 Soldering Spacer. Huge difference!
For a total cost of 1.25$, this is a 5-star product combo.

E. R.
Motors go "Brrrr", Children go "Ouch"

All is well. Dampers dampen the vibration.

Brandon W.
Good parts

Quality spacers and solved the issue I needed solved.

Giancarlo A.
Prevent shorts?

I am going to build a Jupiter this weekend and I was wondering if you could use these on the backside of the motor (with the tabs that you solder to) to prevent a short circuit. I'm exceptionally bad at soldering, and as I watched your build guide for the Jupiter, I noticed how you mentioned being careful not to use too much solder when soldering to the motors. I personally think this could be a perfect solution! Would you recommend it? Thanks.