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13mm Anodized Machined Aluminum Barrel (multiple length options)

13mm Anodized Machined Aluminum Barrel (multiple length options)

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The 13mm Machined Aluminum Barrel is an excellent choice for your various builds and features an eye-catching orange-to-red or blue-to-pink fade. Available in multiple lengths for various blasters and offered in the unchambered style. These barrels were designed by Kuryaka and are available in multiple length options.

• These barrels were designed by Kuryaka. 
• 40cm - Compatible with Talon Claw and Lynx Blasters
• 45cm - Compatible with Caliburn and Lynx Blasters

• Material: Aluminum
• Dimensions: 40 - 45CM Length

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Customer Reviews

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Shoots laser beams

Dylan R.
Overall experience

To start, on the products I received, there isn’t a single complaint I have. The products are perfect and packaged beautifully. The 1 star review comes from the giant middle finger I received the entire time from ups. Both their currier service and the customer service to go with honesty astonish me. It really was expected as I know better than to order when the currier is ups however I really wanted to support Luke and the out of darts team. Unfortunately, this will be my one and only order here for as long as ups is the currier of choice

I'm sorry for the lousy UPS experience. Their Canadian customs fees are insane. We have now gone back to using USPS/Canada Post for international. It's much slower with worse tracking scans, but Canada Post won't gouge you for import duties and fees.


This thing is awesome. Fits my x Shot pro longshot perfectly and I used a dremel on the stock muzzle to fit the barrel through.

Awesome barrel at a great price!

Love these guys at Out of Darts. Awesome products for any kind of blaster project you can dream up. This specific barrel looks awesome and is just what I needed to finish my Max Stryker project. Blaster is an accurate beast now! Shipping was super quick and my order was filled correctly. Can't wait to buy more stuff for my next project!

Keith C.
It's Grate

looks awesome!