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Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original

Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original

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The 'Tachi' 29-Round short-dart magazines are our very first injection molded product. Designed by Eli Wu, this curved magazine is one of a kind, featuring the highest capacity of any production dart magazine! 

*Do not remove or insert mag while the breech of your blaster is closed unless your blaster has a skinny breech.

• 29 round short dart capacity
• Durable Tritan material featuring higher impact resistance than ABS
• Designed by Eli Wu for Out of Darts
• Assembled in house, Injection molded in China
• Talon sized magazine directly compatible with almost all short dart blasters including the Nexus Pro, Aeon Pro, Max Stryker, Lynx, Talon-Claw, Caliburn, and more!
• Compatible with Worker short darts and Adventure Force Pro darts
• NOT compatible with the Lepus or Milsig M79 due to the feed lip design (sorry)
• Spring is setup for flywheels (max rate of fire). For springers, we recommend trimming it shorter and crimping the ends 
• Two spring weights available: Low (springers/semi-auto), High (insane feed rate).
• Choose high if you're intending to use a full-auto blaster that fires over 8 rounds/second

• Material: Tritan, Spring steel, Love 
• Dimensions:
     Overall Length 15.4 inches (390mm)
     Bottom Cap 50mmx22mm
• Weight: 5.1 oz (142g) 

Worker adapters for springers (only compatible WITH mag release)
Worker adapters for flywheelers (only compatible WITH mag release)
+5 3D printed extenders!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Moar Tachi Power!

Very nice indeed! It would be great to get in orange. Also can we get a short dart drum? Moar Tachi Power!

Dan B.
Great high capacity mag

Just got a couple of Tachi mags to try out with a few different blasters. They work great in my Lynx and are able to keep up with a Herja with no problems. These are the two blasters I really put to the test, but haven't had any issues with any of my other short dart blasters that I've tried them in. I only have used the high rate of fire mags though. Great product! Thanks Luke!

Good mag but major feeding problems with Worker Swift

The mag is overall good in itself but when put in a Worker Swift it often bends the dart in half when feeding it into the barrel which jams the dart barrel.
In result the magazine has destroyed several of my worker darts.

Wrong fit, required modification

Came and did not fit in my Stryker, Miscreant, foxfire, nexus, or takedown I moded for talons. I notified the moderators here and they took a day to get back. In that time i sanded down the piece a little to make it work. I told the moderator, and they let me know that they are made different and "happy moding." I love this company and their products, but I should not have to mod the magazine to make it fit.

Will G.
Tachi 29 round short-dart magazine OOD original

Its great , like it alot, feeds great, looks dope. Kinda dissapointed that ya'll ran out of grease when i ordered, but thats off topic. Love the mag