Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original
Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original
Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original
Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original
Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original
Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original
Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original

Tachi 29 Round Short-Dart Magazine OOD Original

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The 'Tachi' 29-Round short-dart magazines are our very first injection molded product. Designed by Eli Wu, this curved magazine is one of a kind, featuring the highest capacity of any production dart magazine! 

• 29 round short dart capacity
• Durable Tritan material featuring higher impact resistance than ABS
• Designed by Eli Wu for Out of Darts
• Assembled in house, Injection molded in China
• Talon sized magazine directly compatible with almost all short dart blasters including the Nexus Pro, Aeon Pro, Max Stryker, Lynx, Talon-Claw, Caliburn, and more!
• Compatible with Worker short darts and Adventure Force Pro darts
• NOT compatible with the Lepus or Milsig M79 due to the feed lip design (sorry)
• Spring is setup for flywheels (max rate of fire). For springers, we recommend trimming it shorter and crimping the ends (video coming soon).

• Two spring weights available: Low (springers/semi-auto), High (insane feedrate).
• Choose high if you're intending to use a full-auto blaster that fires over 8 rounds/second

• Material: Tritan, Spring steel, Love 
• Dimensions:
     Overall Length 15.4 inches (390mm)
     Bottom Cap 50mmx22mm
• Weight: 5.1 oz (142g) 

Worker adapters for springers (only compatible WITH mag release)
Worker adapters for flywheelers (only compatible WITH mag release)
+5 3D printed extenders!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
nicolas lebert
a super mag

12 out of 10 marks

Vincent Downs
Good product

It's solid and sturdy no issue so far. Nice color as well. I have 3 of these now.

Great magazine itself, but the spring tension is too much past 15 darts. (Even with the "low rate...

I purchased a set of 3 Tachi Mags and the Mag Connector in hopes to run a minimalist loadout with near 100 rounds.

I selected the low rate of fire to use for my Max Stryker, as recommended by the description due to the lighter spring load. Either I was mistakenly sent the wrong spring, or this product is simply just not useable due to the spring load in the mag. The Tachi spring is thicker than that of my 18 round Talon Mags. Good luck loading past 15 darts without them becoming SEVEARLY squished. And I mean bad. Even when attempting to smash darts in to get near the 29 capacity, I stopped. I felt bad for the darts.

I watched Luke's "Tuning" video, and while it was a great video, it had no overall effect on the issue. I cut at the recommended 5th coil, and it resulted in the spring being too short to allow the last round of the magazine to chamber. The dart simply did not reach high enough in the magazine. If you are going to cut your wire, cut on the 4th coil. The effect that cutting the spring had was to allow the first couple darts to be loaded smoother, very similar to my Talon Mags. However, as soon as you get to the 15 dart 'threshold' it is near impossible to load any more darts without damaging them to a point where you will fire duds.

In conclusion, I spent 100 dollars on these mags and the connector, and I will be going back to using my Talon mags instead in order to have more than a 15 dart capacity as it feels really silly using a half-way filled Tachi.

Check out our video on the listing; if you cut another coil or two, you'll easily be able to load the full 29 (or 30) rounds.

Springs are far to stiff

I bought the low rate of fire version and was surprised to find that loading darts was very difficult due to stiff springs and it was squishing some of my darts. I then opened it up and cut the spring even further (another 4 loops) and its still very difficult to load compared to my worker 18 round mags. I thought I would love these mags... I wanted to use them in place of my 18 round mags for almost everything but its not worth squishing my darts and being very difficult to reload.

Thanks for the feedback! Due to the length of the mag, there's definitely going to be a bit more pressure on the darts, even with the lightest spring. We recommend the light spring for most blasters, and trimming as needed beyond that.

Tristan Snyder
Solid construction. Functional. Very Cool look

These are my first impressions, I haven’t done that much testing.

I’m happy to see OOD expanding the available mag pool. Works in all my talon adapter, works in the modern DZP adapters, and additionally it’s works in 3D printed blasters like the Caliburn and Foxfire.

This is incompatible with my ansuzalgiz triple talon holder.

I’m happy with the construction and aesthetic of these magazines.

I’d be excited to see these in other colors down the road. How many do I need? Idk, they’re fairly bulky. But starting a round with 30 rounds is a game changer. This dosent make me want to throw out my talons, but an excellent addition to the arsenal.