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40mm Air-Powered Cartridge Shells (40MAX / 40WAD)

40mm Air-Powered Cartridge Shells (40MAX / 40WAD)

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The 40MAX and 40WAD 40mm Air-Powered Cartridge Shells are unique and innovative small compressed air tanks with a back-pressure valve that hobbyists have ported over to their own shell designs. These durable, refillable cartridges take green gas up to 300 PSI via the port on the base of the shell, and they make a great master key panic button for games that allow them.

Choose 40MAX for standard air volume or 40WAD for larger air volume

• Single-shot air pressure tank
• Reliable back pressure valve
• Compatible with the Micro Booper by OFD
• Refill with green gas or compressed Air
• Rated up to 300 PSI 
• Multiple community designs coming soon

• Material: CNC Aluminum, Brass, O-rings, Steel

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• Print your own 40mm shells 
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Customer Reviews

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Adam D.
Little Powerhouse

They seemed a bit cranky at first (the valve would get stuck open), but they seem to be working fine now. (Possibly just needed the silicone lubricant in the green gas to get into the workings?)
Looking forward to dusting off my old home-made Airsoft arquebus and converting it for Nerf use. (Literally Nerfing it?)