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788 0.08 x 10in Spring with Squared Ends

788 0.08 x 10in Spring with Squared Ends

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788 springs that are used in many nerf blasters. These are similar to our K25 springs but have a slightly higher frequency (distance between coils). When cut to 10", these make a fantastic low FPS Caliburn spring.

• 788 spring with squared/flat ends
• Stainless steel 

• Material: Made in the USA of spring-tempered steel
• Dimensions: 10” long / 26 coils / 0.969" OD / 0.080" spring thickness

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bret C.
Speedy and Quality product

I needed a quick replacement for one of my springs just days before a Nerf battle, the ship time was completely accurate and got to me the day before it was needed as intended. The spring worked perfectly as well. Very happy!

Mr. M.
Don't use for Rival

I thought this would be a good repacement for stock Rival springs, but it does not work at all in shorter lengths (it is terrible, performs much worse than stock Rival). The description only says it is similar to k25 and that it's used in many blasters, it should also say do not use for Rival. I've had good luck with k25, so I thought 788 would work (but just be a bit lower power). It was a mistake buying this, but I couldn't find any helpful information online before I purchased.

Thanks for the review. I definitely wouldn't recommend a 788 spring for a Nerf Rival blaster, as most Rival blasters already have a stronger spring than this.


Better than mcmaster. Cut down for use in tcu at 150 cap games


Great springs for modded blasters to weaken the fps. 150 fps average for full length.


Combined with k31 gives me 190 fps on my caliburn