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Adventure Force Nexus Pro Buffer Tube Sling Mount

Adventure Force Nexus Pro Buffer Tube Sling Mount

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The Adventure Force Nexus Pro is one of the most incredible blasters to hit the hobby! This Adventure Force Nexus Pro Buffer Tube Sling Mount provides a sturdy and convenient way to attach a sling to the blaster.

If you're having issues with the sling fit, please look at our install guide at the bottom of this listing. The buffer tube sling mount will not fit if it's installed backwards.

• Compatible with Nexus Pro
• Simple installation, just slide on and tighten a single screw
• Dual-sided design allows both right and left handed use
• Add a convenient sling point to this incredible blaster
• Attach your sling directly to the rings, or use a loop of paracord for more flexibility (sold separately)

• Material: PLA Plastic 
• Weight: .25oz
• PLA in multiple colors

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Excellent quality, fits perfectly

Durable and Functional

This thing works great. I purchased a 3rd party D ring to attach to the barrel of my Nexus so that I could use a 2 point sling along side this product and haven't looked back. Durability was a concern when I first purchased this sling mount because of it being 3d printed but it has held up through many battles and does not show any signs of slowing down. Highly recommend for any Nexus owner!

A Requirement For The Nexus Pro

I do believe that if you plan to use the Nexus Pro (or any other primary at the matter), you have to have a sling for it. Scenario: after a exciting game of nerf, you have to do a dart sweep. You sling the blaster to your side or your back, and pick up darts with no complications in your way. Easy as pie. This 3D printed piece can make your sling dreams into reality. Quality print combined with the necessity of having a sling point for your blaster, and this is a must have.

awesome part, almost too awesome

first things first, this is a NECESSITY if you are going to run the Nexus in a war, as the nexus does NOT have a sling point stock. There are other options , but i think this might be one of the better ones, its unobtrusive, and incredibly sturdy, the tolerances on it are absolutely godly. this brings me to the only slight issue that isn't really an issue, i got the V8 for context, the tolerances are SO good that there is ZERO slop in it at all, this is good when its installed but it makes installing it a tad difficult because when sliding it down the Nexus's Buffer Tube it bends outwards slightly, this in turn causes the screw to not engage the nut when you are trying to tighten it so to get around this i had to have the screw and nut pre engaged before sliding it down the buffer tube. why is this notably you might ask, its those same tolerances, there is no wiggle room, so you will need a tool for it, fortunately the Nexus's stock stock is the perfect tool. any way, this slight issue is definitely not enough to stop me from being completely happy with this, and i may very well get another for my second nexus later on.

thanks for being totally awesome Luke and Team.

Matthew E.
Decent sling

Does the job. I think it's intended to be used as a one-point sling but seems to do OK as a two-point in a pinch.