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Adventure Force Nexus Pro Little Rocket Barrel Adapter

Adventure Force Nexus Pro Little Rocket Barrel Adapter

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The Nexus Pro Little Rocket Barrel Adapter replaces the front nozzle of the Nexus and other "Pro-level" blasters by Dart Zone, allowing it to fire different ammo types through our custom 3D-printed Little Rocket barrels. It still allows for normal operations of the Nexus when a barrel is not installed.

• Custom design from Tarik
• Simply insert and twist to lock-in
• Compatible with all Little Rocket barrels except inline clip
• Fire Mega, Triple-Elite, Rival, Ultra, and more!
• Inline barrel will fire all 3 darts at the same time
• For use when blaster does not have any darts loaded
• Compatible with most Adventure Force Pro and Dart Zone Max blasters
• NOT recommended with Max Stryker

• Material: 3D Printed PLA plastic
• Dimensions:
• Weight:

• Little Rocket Barrels
Little Rocket Large Barrels
Nexus Pro

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Collin M.
If wishes were fishes

I bought this hoping it would mate with a Jurassic Pro, but unfortunately it doesn't. 100% on me, but still, great quality and neat design though. I may have to grab a Nexus Pro just to use it going forward, haha! The want is there.

Adam D.
A Modular Addiction(?)

I though I might put up another review of these fiendish little things...
Fair warning:
They can be easily attached to an alarming array of blasters (with a bit of fiddling).
So far, I've put them on: A Supermaxx 1500 (see my previous review), 2 more Supermaxx 1500s, a Worker Cheetah, A Supermaxx 750, the top (elite-firing) part of a Dual Strike, and a Big Bad Bow.
(Of course, I also have one (each) for my Aeon Pro and my Nexus Pro.)
Such a quick-and-easy way to let your inner mad Nerf scientist loose...

I like this!

Well I'm glad I like this on my DZP MK2.1 cause it's stuck. 😅 I cannot get this off and at least it looks cool and doesn't affect performance when just using the blaster regularly. I probably could force get it off but then I risk damaging the blaster or the adapter itself so I'll just leave it for now and probably order another for on deck for my Stryker 😅

Floyd C.
This adapter is SO much fun.

I recently added this adapter to my loadout. I also picked up the Mega, MegaXL, and triple shot barrels. These add SO much versatility to my rig. Now my blaster is a shield busting, Mega launching, shotgun. I Love launching Mega XL rounds from my Nexus Pro.

Adam D.

They not only work as advertised (I have one on my Aeon Pro), but I was also able to use some for a surprisingly easy mod on another blaster.