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Adventure Force Pro / Dart Zone Max Little Rocket Barrel Adapter

Adventure Force Pro / Dart Zone Max Little Rocket Barrel Adapter

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The Adventure Force Pro / Dart Zone Max Little Rocket Barrel Adapter replaces the front nozzle of the Nexus Pro and other "Pro-level" blasters manufactured by Dart Zone, allowing it to fire different ammo types through our custom 3D-printed Little Rocket barrels. It still allows for the normal operation of the blaster when a little rocket barrel is not installed. 

• Fire Little Rocket barrels with your pro-level springer!
• Fire Mega, Triple-Elite, Rival, Ultra, and more!
• Designed for the OG Adventure Force Nexus Pro
• Compatible with most Adventure Force Pro and Dart Zone Max blasters*
• Custom designed by Tarik

• Simply insert and twist to lock in
• For use when the blaster does not have any darts loaded
• Printed in Orange

*Not recommended with the original Dart Zone Max Stryker

• 1 Pro-Max Little Rocket Barrel Adapter in Orange
• 1 16mm O-ring (pre-installed)

Little Rocket Barrels Sold Separately

Check the photo gallery for Little Rocket Barrel compatibility

• Material: 3D-Printed PLA plastic
• Dimensions:
• Weight:

• Little Rocket Barrels
• Darts + Ammo

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chase D.

Works great. Came fast


It didn’t come

Hi Nathan,
It looks like we re-shipped your order after the first package was lost in transit. Please let us know if this didn't arrive!

Hunter C.
Functions Beautifully!

This muzzle is a huge upgrade to your nexus pro, but I do have two minor gripes with it. Firstly, I got it in Metallic Tangerine, and it came out a lot darker than I expected, leaving it not really matching any of the colors on my orange Nexus Pro. If you want a color-matching barrel adapter for an orange Nexus, you'll need to buy it in Orange specifically. Secondly, it does fit very tight. Use caution if you ever want to have a different muzzle on your Nexus! Even with those gripes, this adapter is still well worth five stars, and is probably my favorite part that I've ordered for my Nexus.


Fits like a glove

Scott B.
You need an adapter.

So I bought this adapter and a little rocket Barrel attachment Just for kicks to see how it would work. And now I'm buying two more attachments because it definitely works. I'm shooting 10 half darts out of the five elite Dart Barrel and it works fine. Maybe someday we'll have a nice little rocket style drop in replacement for the Moto Blitz;-) nudge nudge.