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Adventure Force Nexus Pro and Aeon Pro Pentavictus Scar Barrel (Two types)

Adventure Force Nexus Pro and Aeon Pro Pentavictus Scar Barrel (Two types)

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The Adventure Force Nexus Pro is one of the most incredible blasters to hit the hobby! This Nexus Pro Pentavictus Scar-like Barrel designed by Thanh increases accuracy by adding true rotation to your darts as the exit the barrel. No modification required, just slide in place of the stock muzzle/barrel tip. 

Luke brought on Thanh to design these barrels, as he has extensive springer and SCAR experience.

Available in two types; Round and Squared sold separately (visual/aesthetic changes only, the performance is the same). *Note, just like the stock Nexus, wide-head darts are not compatible with the SCAR barrel. Recommended darts include AF Pro darts, Worker Darts (short and long) and Jet quick darts.

• Compatible with Nexus Pro Aeon Pro and Max Stryker
• Slide in place, install or remove in a second
• 5-10FPS performance decrease, with the increase in accuracy

• Material: PLA Plastic
• Weight: .3oz weight
• Dimensions: 70mm in length
• 3D Printed

Nexus Pro mod parts

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Christopher P.
Works Nicely

This SCAR (technically a PCAR, I think) works as advertised. This is on an Aeon with no performance-changing internal mods except electrical tape over the gap where the barrel meets the plunger. I see an increase in accuracy—not huge but significant. I think there is a slight decrease in velocity but the better precision is well worth the tradeoff. I also installed a pump kit (not from OOD) and a Worker stock and suddenly the Aeon is not just resurrected but transformed into a little beast! More accurate and (slightly) better velocity than my Max Stryker, and much better ergonomics and just heft in the hands. And there’s potential for more upgrades. Don’t throw away your Aeon!

Tim B.
Nexus pro scar barrel

Could not figure out how to fasten scar barrel to the aluminum barrel. I got the small round one. The other parts I bought worked very well.

Rifled barrel

Product works as advertised. Keep in mind it does slightly lower the muzzle velocity of darts in exchange for a noticeable increase in accuracy. This worked great for me as I feel the Nexus Pro shoots too hard anyway, so a small decrease in muzzle velocity and an increase in accuracy were both beneficial in my eyes.

Jas Y.


Love the increased accuracy!

Something you can actually 'feel' when shootin'. Can definitely tell it increases the accuracy and decreases the spread of your shot which is really cool! But you can also feel that it gets less FPS. To counter balance I went ahead and grabbed the 175 FPS spring cap to gain more speed back and more! I'll be hitting around 160ish with the improved accuracy which is great! So with those 2 thing you get better performance and accuracy!