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Nexus Pro X Spring Tuning Spacer Set

Nexus Pro X Spring Tuning Spacer Set

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The Adventure Force Nexus Pro X Spring Tuning Spacer Set uses a series of spacers to tune the performance of the Nexus Pro X with the stock spring. This set includes three full-size spacers and one half-spacer to add pre-compression to the stock spring in simple increments without tools.

*WARNING: The stock Nexus Pro X spring is likely to "take a set" (find a new resting state) after repeated use. Performance may differ after spring wear.

*Please do not store your blaster with the spacers installed!
Due to the stock pre-compression, we recommend storing the blaster without any spring installed.*

• Set of four spring spacers
• Toolless install
• Designed for the Nexus Pro X
• Compatible with the Aeon Pro X and select blasters with 15mm OD springs

Average FPS (Standard Deviation) with the stock spring and barrel
• 190 (6) stock (without spacers)
• 204 (2) with 1 full-size spacer
• 213 (2) with 2 full-size spacers
• 222 (2) with 3 full-size spacers
• 228 (3) with all 4 spacers

• Material: PLA Plastic (printed in multiple colors due to this being an internal part)
• Weight: .1oz 
• 3D-Printed

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