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Alchemist Hardware kit

Alchemist Hardware kit

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This kit includes all of the hardware needed to build an Alchemist by Sillybutts. This blaster has one of the smoothest pump action primes in the hobby. Paired with an incredibly light hair trigger, this blaster makes for an excellent pick for any competitive or fun game you are looking to attend. This listing does not include the 3D parts required to build the blaster (STLs linked below).

*We do not recommend anodized barrels with this blaster since the bearings used to smooth out the prime will wear off the finish.
*The long bars in this blaster will wear out with time since they are under tension when assembled; we offer them separately here. We estimate they will last around a year or two.  We also recommend releasing tension on the bars before long-term storage (over a month).

• Extremely Smooth Pump Action Prime
• Stainless Steel 4-40 screws
• Lightweight hair trigger
• Designed by Sillybutts

• Compatible standard talon magazines
• Recommended Darts 
• STL files
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Derek G.
Excellent Kit

I purchased the hardware kit for my home printed Alchemist Blaster. The kit, along with the OOD assembly video were perfect. Everything went together as it should and all the parts were there. Paired with the video, I had no issues with assembly and knowing what parts to use. Blaster was firing immediately after assembly.
I chose to go with the K25F spring and really get the full power out of this blaster. Excellent choice! For sure needs to be used with safety glasses as the darts come SCREAMING out the muzzle! This blaster easily shoots 30+ yards! I look forward to blasting my friends!

Joe H.
Buttery Pump Prime

Great kit and accompanying assembly video. The prime is so smooth you can move it with a your pinky while hitting at 200 fps. I really love that the pump locks forward - gives a nice chunky "click" when the primer is fully forward. Of all of the trigger assembly styles that Silly has designed, this one is the most frustrating to put together, but it has the nicest feel to it in my opinion.

Trevor H.
blaster is amazing :D

i printed all the parts in the span of a week on my neptune 4 and assembled it in a couple hours the youtube tutorial by out of darts was super clear 0 issues with yhe hardware kit i even got some spare o rings and screws for potential other projects and thats perfect
i bought a longer kuryaka barrel and that boosted the preformance a little i plan to buy a wider spring to potentially double up the spring for more power but that might not work xD

Christopher M.F.
Fantastic quality

Everything was there to build my Alchemist, all the hardware exceeded my expectations, worked as it should and arrived in a timely manner. Thank you for providing the options for the blaster community.

Andrew C.
This build was epic

Super impressed with the quality of build and level of performance of the Alchemist and hardware. May have gone a bit overboard with the 219fps hardware kit and am in awe of its power. I’ve never been much of a nerf hobbyist but love to tinker and build things. This 3D print and build was honestly one of my favorite pieces of hardware that I enjoyed assembling. Thank you!