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Andromeda BCAR Kit by Eli Wu PRE-ORDER

Andromeda BCAR Kit by Eli Wu PRE-ORDER

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The Andromeda BCAR is a rifling attachment designed by Eli Wu. It is printed using SLS Nylon-12 by Roboman Automation for a durable, high-quality part. Nine bearings are arranged in a progressive 30-degree twist to impart spin on the darts, increasing accuracy with minimal performance loss. This BCAR attaches to most 16mm outer diameter exposed metal barrels with a bicycle seatpost-style clamp. This do-it-yourself kit includes the printed parts, hardware, and a bonus orange PLA-printed shroud for safety.

• 9-bearing 30-degree progressive twist BCAR
• DIY Self-assembly kit

• Durable SLS Nylon-12 inner core print

• BONUS PLA-printed shroud in orange PLA for event compliance
• 3D files available for shrouds
Designed by Eli Wu; produced by Roboman

• Material: SLS-printed Nylon

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Customer Reviews

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Paul W.C.
Awesome BCAR!

Wonderful piece of hardware. I love how much accuracy it adds. It is an easy assembly too. I use it on my Alchemist and get around 275 fps. Freaking awesome invention. Thanks Eli!