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Blasterparts Multi-Blaster MX Holster Fits Rival Kronos (Multiple colors)

Blasterparts Multi-Blaster MX Holster Fits Rival Kronos (Multiple colors)

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The Blasterparts Multi-Blaster Holster offers a versatile multi-blaster drop-leg holster option that fits multiple blasters, and can be adjusted to suit varying sized blasters. The Multi-Blaster Holster fits the Nerf Rival Kronos and many other blasters including the Stryfe, Strongarm, Retaliator and Rough Cut to name a few.  This design is catered towards larger blasters, smaller ones may not secure tightly enough.  A space at the side allows for magazine blasters to fit with ease.  A small pouch provides space for a few extra rounds or small goodies. Simply attach to a belt and secure the adjustable leg straps and you can destroy in your next Nerf war with comfort and ease.  Available in right or left side option as well as multiple color variants.

• Lightweight
• Adjustable
• Fits many blasters (Kronos, Strongarm, Aeon Pro etc.)
• Multiple colors

• Utility Belt 
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Customer Reviews

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Kevin K.

This holster is okay in my opinion. For one, because of where the bottom velcro strap attaches inside the holster to hold the blaster in around the barrel. My Kronos would push/fold up the fabric every time I holster it. I put some duck tape over it on the inside to fix the problem. I also had an issue wearing the holster. Over time it would slide down and the bottom strap would fall below my knee and it pulled down putting a lot of pressure on the belt latch. This may be an issue due to my height and it fitting in just the wrong way on my leg. I am 5ft 7inches.

So in conclusion, it is fine but not great. Also, I just tested it with my Kronos.

Dayrio D.

Blasterparts Multi-Blaster MX Holster Fits Rival Kronos (Multiple colors)

William K.
Good quality not the best fit

Great quality holster, just the fit for my kronos isn't the best. It hold its great re holstering is the tricky part. It wants to catch on the side when I holster my blaster but this is expected for a one size fits all holster. Other then that it's great!

Daniel P.

Nice quality and I love the ability to carry my Kronos around with out carrying it on a lanyard

Larry C.

Blasterparts Multi-Blaster MX Holster Fits Rival Kronos (Multiple colors)