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Blasterparts Retaliator XD Tactical Range Spring Kit

Blasterparts Retaliator XD Tactical Range Spring Kit

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Blasterparts Retaliator XD Tactical Range Spring Kit. Contains 7kg spring, guiding shell and catch spring. Compatible with both Retaliator Blasters XD and non-XD.

• Compatible with both Retaliator Blasters XD and non-XD

• Equivalent mass of spring: 7kg
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Customer Reviews

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Kalen W.
A fine Spring... A bad Filler

I ordered the product and it arrived quickly thanks to Out of Darts.

The spring itself was beefy and of good quality.

However, the product came with a filler for the stock cap on the retaliator. This filler was a very tight fit. In fact, it was so tight, after I began to insert it, I could not get it out. I therefore continued to push the filler all the way in, with the assistance of a mallet. This resulted in the piece cracking. I was able to install it all the way, and it is technically workable.

I give the product two stars because it literally broke the blaster as I followed the instalment instructions. (I may have installed it incorrectly, but then I blame whoever wrote unclear instructions.)

If you buy the product, do not try to install the filler. Just use the springs provided.

The spring appears to be better than worker springs