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BrotherHobby R6 2205 Brushless motor (1750, 2450, 2700 Kv ratings) CLOSEOUT

BrotherHobby R6 2205 Brushless motor (1750, 2450, 2700 Kv ratings) CLOSEOUT

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The BrotherHobby R6 2205 Brushless Outrunners motors feature best-in-class performance. I've tested a dozen brands and these ultimately provided the best performance. Brushless motors provide maximum torque and extremely fast spinup times. Please note, these require both an ESC (electronic speed control) and a signal generator (future products coming soon).

• Beautiful rainbow anodizing
• Excellent cooling due to vent design
• 1750, 2450 or 2700kv ratings available

• Material: CNC aluminum, Copper
• Weight: 1oz
• Configuration: 12N14P
• M3 Bolts
• 4-6S LipO compatible
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jacob R.

They work well in my Brushless Nemesis. Hitting between 180-200 FPS with the 2450kv ones, bLHeli ESCs, Ultrasonic Code and a 3s lipo in my hydrostatic cage. They get a little toasty but this has not seemed to effect anything yet.

Master E.T.S.

BrotherHobby R6 2205 Brushless motor (1750, 2450, 2700 Kv ratings)

Wesley S.
Solid motor for combat robotics

I had purchased some brushed motors for use in the drive system for a 3lb combat robot, and noticed that this brushless motor matched the specs of the weapon system I am currently using. I bought one to test and took it to an event last weekend where it held up spectacularly through several hard hitting fights. It seems to be a high quality motor that I will order again!

Christian S.
Works well

It’s a good brushless motor for the ultrasonic2 esc and code can produce over 200 fps on single stage setup

Veasna T.
solid motor

When paired with the correct speed control and the right power source, these things can really fly. Under 5s conditions alone they are fine, but when paired with printed flywheels the set up will make a lot of noise and vibration. Not a fault of the motor. Recommend getting machined flywheels for such a set up.
Running these in dual stage at max power pushed my build up to 260fps.