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Cheetah 2.0 Replacement Dart Guide PET-G

Cheetah 2.0 Replacement Dart Guide PET-G

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We noticed that the Cheetah 2.0 Dart Guide sometimes was too brittle so we decided to design and print up or own replacement for it.  Our version is printed in PETG which is more flexible than the one included with the blaster which should increase its longevity in the blaster. 

*Does not include Dart Guide Spring

• Designed (cloned) by Luke
• Drop-in-replacement (requires opening the blaster part may require some sanding)

• Material: 3D Printed PETG

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Edgar D.

Nothing fancy just a great replacement spring

Allan J.B.
Perfect except for the color would like it in orange

The replacement dart guide went in perfectly worked very well I used to have another one from another place but this was just as good and the price is perfect The only thing that I would change is make it out of orange filament just to be consistent with the rest of the blaster but otherwise I was very pleased

An V.
Excellent part, just be aware of the rest of the blaster

Shipping packaging, speed and price were all reasonably good.

I would be gentle during installment because the barrel lug pieces of the Cheetah are quite fragile and crack (see picture). Not a fault of this product, more so lackluster quality with the blaster it attaches to.

Print quality on this piece is excellent, though I would still recommend sanding the bottom part that the barrel slides under to reduce the wear on the barrel. This was something I did with the stock dart guide and did with this one even though this one’s a far smoother print. Operating/sliding the barrel is also smoother than the stock piece.

I haven’t stress tested this but I can tell this thing will last longer than the stock dart guide piece; you’d be lucky to get more than 200 shots on that one.

I would still highly recommend this, and buy several since this part is so cheap and small anyways.