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Worker Transparent Canted Flywheel Cage 43.5mm (Stryfe/Rapidstrike) CLOSEOUT

Worker Transparent Canted Flywheel Cage 43.5mm (Stryfe/Rapidstrike) CLOSEOUT

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The Worker Transparent Canted Flywheel Cage 43.5mm is a durable and precise injection molded cage that is compatible with the Stryfe, Rapidstrike, Swordfish and Dominator. Featuring a diamond angled design and a 43.5mm motor wheel base.

Do not use Thread Lock on this flywheel cage!

• Injection Molded PC 
• Transparent
• Compatible with Nerf Stryfe/Rapidstrike, Worker Dominator/Swordfish
• 14mm diameter 
• 43.5mm motor wheel base
• 4x mounting screws are included

• Weight: 23.2g
• SKU: W0355

*Flywheels are not included.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andre K.
Great again

Also this time: thank you for the quick processing! Clear recommendation and keep it up! LG AK

Marty S.(.P.
Top quality design and great looks.

This cage came with screws to attach the motors so that is a nice bonus. The cage design is a perfect fit for the Stryfe I just finished. Motors slip right in their wells and the cage falls right onto its **** posts. No shell mod needed for 130 size motors. The look of a fully transparent cage is stunning, especially with the Worker orange flywheels installed. Going strong after 5 days of testing. We'll see how the cage stands up to time.

Great cage

I installed this cage along with the canted flywheels and I immediately noticed an improvement in blaster accuracy and dart stability. I even noticed that I can hit something at 10 ft with elite darts, though I highly recommend not using elite darts. This cage does everything it promises for only 10 bucks.


For the price, a solid choice. I got one in a $5 upgrade kit along with worker 132's and worker Flywheels.

I was surprised with the combo. Certainly nothing wrong with this cage (Though, I with it had at least SOME guide tube)