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Cynthia Hardware kit

Cynthia Hardware kit

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This kit includes all of the hardware needed to build the newest blaster from Sillybutts, the Cynthia bolt action blaster. Cynthia is a very smooth operating bolt action blaster that packs a lot of punch in a stylish shell. Barrel shipped with this kit is 12 inches long, bore is determined by spring selection.  This listing does not include 3d parts required to build the blaster, STL linked below.

*All fps readings are 20-shot average with Caldwell G2 with lighting kit.  Averages were taken with a Silly SCAR attached to the blaster.

• Smooth Bolt Action Prime
• Stainless Steel 4-40 screws
• 4 spring options
• Designed by Sillybutts
• Licensed and Authorized by Sillybutts
• Includes Heat-set insert Trigger

Talon Magazines
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STL files

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Im fully satisfied with the cynthia hardware kit. it was complete, quality is good. everything fine. UPS as shipping company as a lot of potential to become better. you might think that a company as UPS might handle international shipping better, but they don’t.

Albert L.
Bolt Action Goodness

Hardware is provided to build the bolt action blaster. Enjoying the blaster much more than I anticipated.

Matt W.
Great kit, fun blaster

The kit has everything you need to assemble the blaster. The included trigger with a brass inset is nice, though I print exclusively in PETG, so I was hesitant to use a PLA part. I think the odds of that part becoming a problem are incredibly slim, so I ended up using the provided trigger in the end.

I appreciate that there were extra springs included, as I almost lost one. The blaster is unique and fun, though I did not realize how unstable the handle is without the thumbhole stock. I prefer it without that part, but may have to relent and add it later as there is lateral play in the grip.

In all, it's a fun blaster even if it isn't all that practical, and you definitely can't go wrong with the hardware kit from OutofDarts.

Nolan M.
Great kit, awesome trigger.

This was a fantastic kit. The included trigger with a heat-set insert was of higher quality than what I printed and the insert made assembly very easy. Also appreciated that it came with a packing slip. Sounds like a minor thing, but was a helpful reference during assembly. Bought 2 kits and will likely order more.

Simply Amazing

Such a simple design that works beautifully. Highly Recommend.