Dartzone Pro MK2 OOD Low Power spring 90-100FPS

Dartzone Pro MK2 OOD Low Power spring 90-100FPS

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While the Dartzone Pro MK2 can't take an upgrade spring due to a maxed out plunger tube system for the barrel length, a low-power spring is a great option for those looking to hit 100FPS or less. This makes playing indoors and at HvZ games easier. 

• Easy spring swap, just three screws to remove the top slide
• 92FPS average in our testing with Adventure Force darts over 30 shots (This will vary depending on your dart selection and dart age)

• Material: Zinc-coated spring steel

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Hu
Taming the MK2

Love the MK2 but my wife and kids have trouble with the prime out of the box. With this spring, even my 5 year old can now prime the MK2 and get in on the fun. I haven’t tested it on a chronograph myself, but I assume the claims are correct since this still shoots hard… just slightly less. Thank you OOD!

O llewellyn
The best customer service around

Upon receiving my order I discovered that I was mistakenly given a barrel component, living on a remote island this was a worry as a return would cost hundreds; but not to worry as to my surprise upon emailing OOD about this mix up, I was amazed to be sent the spring at no extra cost.
OOD customer service is just phenomenally friendly and fast, If I could give a 6 star review - I would.

Great spring

Nice easy prime and brought the darts down into the iron sight range.

Also don't be like me and take out all the screws and try to pry it apart, I was able to swap the springs by just removing the left slide piece.

Grateful for This Spring

Hard to complain about this. I was stoked when I discovered this lower-powered spring for the DZ MK2 which is too OP for our typical casual blaster battles. It's exactly what I wanted.

One improvement opportunity: either instructions or a video on the channel that describes the swap process. It was easy - I just had to look at another YouTube channel to confirm the process.