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Dartzone Pro MK3 Buffer Tube Sling Mount

Dartzone Pro MK3 Buffer Tube Sling Mount

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The OOD sling adapter solves one of the few issues with the Dartzone Pro Mk3 it has no sling points.  This adapter easily slides over the buffer tube on the blaster and locks in place with a single screw.  There are sling points on both sides of the adapter making for use on whichever side is more comfortable for the user.

• Compatible with Dart Zone Pro Mk3
• Simple installation, just slide on and tighten a single screw
• Dual-sided design allows both right and left-handed use
• Add a convenient sling point to this incredible blaster
• Attach your sling directly to the rings or use a loop of paracord for more flexibility (sold separately)
• Designed by Luke

• Material: PLA Plastic 
• Weight: .25oz
3D Printed

 Dart Zone Mk3 Mod Parts Dart Zone Pro Mk3 Mod Kit
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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Koen K.
Fits MK1.1

Installed on my Dart Zone Pro MK1.1
Fits it perfectly!

Jon L.
Simple and affective.

Does exactly what it is designed to do snapped in place and tightened down perfectly.

Blake B.
Solid Print and Good Product

Fits really well and the print is high quality. I highly recommend for those who want to sling their blasters.

Darth V.
Sling point is a must

This item fits perfect and Titans down great. A must-have for any of the Dartzone or Adventure force proline Blasters they don’t come with a sling point. You can get different stocks with a sling point but Trusting those is not an option for me and this item is much more secure to sling your expensive blaster from I’ll definitely be ordering more for my MK 1.1 , Nexus and Stryker. And I’d rather order my blaster stuff through someone in the community like Out of darts Not just because they sell quality products at a reasonable price but to help support his business but also as a way to try and give a little back for everything these guys do for the community. Now you’ll have to excuse me I got an Infinus in the mail earlier and it’s not going to shoot itself lol oh yeah and I traded A strong arm and a Kronos to my nephew for a stampede it doesn’t appear to be working I’m looking forward to cracking this thing open and checking it out. I will also be ordering any stampede parts that you guys have too. Yep.

Luke R.
A necessary addition

This sling point is well designed and printed, and it is nice and firm on the blaster's buffer tube. Given the lack of a sling point on the Mk. 3, this piece is essential.