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Dartzone Pro MK3 Short Dart Adapter Insert Fix (Prevents trigger jams)

Dartzone Pro MK3 Short Dart Adapter Insert Fix (Prevents trigger jams)

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This small short dart adapter fixes a common problem with the short-dart adapter. The part inserts in the top of the MK3 adapter, preventing darts from being pulled backward by the pusher, allowing for Talon Mag compatibility. In testing, Luke has found this to be an issue with all mag, dart, and adapter types. Since this is an internal part it will come in a random color option.

• Designed by Luke
• Glue recommended to lock this in place (especially for full-auto)
• Helps prevent Jams when using Talon Mags and short darts
• Compatible with short dart adapter only

• Material: 3D Printed PLA plastic

 Dart Zone Mk3 Mod Parts

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Customer Reviews

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Spencer R.
Needs to be glued and is brittle

I was using my MK3 with the adapter and it fell out of the blaster onto thick carpet from my position on my knee to the ground and the part broke instantly. Glue would have fixed the issue, but it is advertised to function (which it did) and be strong without glue as well (it was not). I ultimately bought the one from FPS for my main blaster and glued my second OOD part for my second MK3. The glued OOD one was also stress tested in my main blaster after the glue was applied and it is holding up well.


Great product fast delivery

Aaron P.

Dartzone Pro MK3 Short Dart Adapter Insert Fix (Prevents trigger jams)

Ernest A.
Fantastic service as always.

The shipping for this order was timely and fast. Would recommend going to Out of Darts for any nerf mod parts!


Prevents darts from riding backward on the pusher for more reliable foam flinging. Only need to loosen the screws on the adapter, and no glue is required for this revision.