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Daybreak Rayven 3D Printed Flywheel Cage

Daybreak Rayven 3D Printed Flywheel Cage

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The Daybreak Rayven 3D Printed Flywheel Cage is designed for the professional Nerf modder to bring your blaster to the next level. Carefully crafted for ultimate reliability this is your best option for your flywheel mod.  Available in multiple sizing options.

• 3D Printed 
• Designed by Kuriyaka
• Compatible with the Rayven Blaster
• Includes flywheel cage screws

• Material: PLA plastic

*Please note: Offering specific colors for internal parts isn't feasible for production. We generally print this part in silver when our filament supply allows.

• Daybreak Flywheels
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Thomas M.
Not as much power as I thought there would be, but I feel like that's my fault.

I chose the 41.5mm crush option, yet I'm only getting around 115 fps. So it could be the blaster itself (barrel drag), my chronograph being wrong somehow, or that 41.5mm crush is just low and I just don't know what I'm doing even though that's what was suggested too me. But setting performance aside, the cage itself is really good. Besides having to clean up all little around the **** ports for the motor screws, the cage is solid, high quality, and is 100% drop in. Thanks OOD!

Good cage

Good cage. Print quality was solid. Only thing keeping it from being 5 start was that some of the **** holes needed a little bit of touching up with a drill bit before being able to take a ****. Not a huge deal, but worth noting.
41mm cage with 2s Miesel motors and worker aluminum flywheels, getting 160fps.

Jaime O.
Drop in ready

Fit perfectly, no need to do any trimming. Able to pick the right amount of crush for me. Will definitely come back if I make another. (2s, 41mm cage, fangs, bulldog wheels - FPS in 160s)

Jeramy W.
170 fps+

I paired this cage with kracken motors and kepler flywheels, Im getting 170-180 fps. the print quality is amazing and the Tolerances are nearly perfect.

Kathy S.
Awesome Product

I ordered a number of items from Out of Darts for Christmas. Everything came in as described. I even reached out and Greg helped me out to get an additional part that I needed. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks again for the great customer service.