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Diana Brushless Flywheel Blaster

Diana Brushless Flywheel Blaster

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PLEASE NOTE: Blasters can only be shipped to customers within the United States and Canada, we are no longer able to ship blasters to international customers.

The Diana Brushless Flywheel blaster by Hare Technology (HC) is rapidly becoming the most popular high-end sidearm in the hobby.  This blaster is small but powerful enough to be used even as a primary in super-stock games. The Diana Blaster does not come with a LiPo battery, but we do have a compatible battery linked below.

• Ultra-compact original design
• Stylized shell
• Extremely quiet/stealthy!
• Motor-idling for improved spin-up time
• Fire Mode select for semi- or full-auto firing
• Includes proprietary 11-dart mag (nightingale mags compatible with modification)
• Brushless micro flywheels 

• 4s LiPo compatible (While it can run on 3s, we don't recommend it)
• 140 FPS

Compatible Battery 
• The Best Darts 
Diana Magazines 
Nightingale Magazines (compatible with mod)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Aaron S.

Awesome! This was my first big purchase other than what you buy at the big box stores and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s by far the best blaster I've ever owed and it dominates in my household.

Really, 4.5 Star average on 2 Diana’s

I initially bought a pink Diana, had a couple issues that OOD helped me work through, and was so impressed with the overall design and features that I bought a clear one for comparison and to dual wield. The new Diana worked perfectly out of the box, where the original still has occasional feeding issues, but both are great overall and are definitely an upgrade over my Nightingales (which are still great blasters.)
If you’re on the fence on picking one up, I would 100% recommend you do!

Kishan A.
Diana Nerf

Battery that was recommended shorted the blaster so now single fire doesnt push the darts, also the darts that were suggested break apart

Robert I.
HC Diana is awesome!

Love the brushless motor and solenoid snappiness. Especially in Rage mode! Definitely feel like it gives me an advantage on the field of battle!

Alan C.
Best Blaster I Own

I own a ton of blasters both high FPS springers and modded flywheelers but this blaster takes the cake! It might not have all the features other brushless blasters have but that just adds to the more simple aesthetic of this blaster.

Love having it on hotshot mode and shooting around like I’m John Wick.