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Caliburn 4 - 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

Caliburn 4 - 3D Parts + Hardware Kit

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The Caliburn 4 3D Parts + Hardware Kit includes the most up-to-date 3D-printed parts and hardware to assemble your own Caliburn 4. This blaster is compatible with both full- and half-length darts with the included adapter (magazines not included). Our kit also includes an Angled Foregrip, Caliburn Sights, and an Orange OOD SCAR.

For your reference, the primary color items are shown in white, the secondary color items are shown in gray, and the accessory color items are shown in red.
If you would prefer to print your own files, we'll have the STL files and the link to the listing for the Hardware Only ELITE Caliburn 4 Blaster down below.

• Designed by Captain Slug
• Licensed and Authorized by the legendary Slug himself
• Includes Angled Foregrip and Caliburn Sights
• Includes printed OOD Scar

• Material: Multiple
Assembly Instructions
Caliburn 4 Hardware Kit (No 3D-Printed Parts)
Fully-Assembled Caliburn 4 (USA & CAN only)
• Compatible standard talon magazines

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We print primarily with Proto-Pasta HTPLA and PLA. Check out our full range of colors here.

3D printed parts should not be left inside hot cars or excessively hot environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
45 Days and it still hasn’t arrived - very unhappy

I ordered a Caliburn kit 42 days ago on October 19th. On 20th November I emailed Out of Darts explaining that the tracking service showed no movement from Tokyo on November 8th. I was asked to wait 45 days for International shipments. Today is December 3rd., and you’ve emailed me asking about my satisfaction. The tracking still says no movement from Tokyo airport since November 8th., 26 days ago. The order was for my son’s 11th birthday on December 16th and it is not looking optimistic for the Caliburn to arrive on time even though I ordered it 8 weeks before the Caliburn was wanted here. It’s been 45 days since you shipped the Caliburn according to your email to me today asking for feedback. Can you help?

Hi Keelashaker,
I'm sorry this took so long to get to you. International shipments are complicated, and delivery times are often 4-6 weeks with the lowest cost shipping. Based on the tracking, It looks like this was delivered, please let us know if you require any additional support!

Owen M.
Caliburn 4

Loved building this blaster. Is a strong build and very powerful.

Robert D.
Great quality build

My 12 y/o son now owns 2 of Out of Darts builds (and he’s the builder)—said he loves them both. He enjoyed assembling them and has already found some cool 3D additions (grips, sights) to modify. Impressed with the spring power and accuracy.

Nate L.
Caliburn 4

Awesome blaster! I wish there was an option to select a different barrel diameter in the initial purchase, rather than buying it separate. Standard barrel it comes with is just too wide for most short length darts I use (Worker Gen 2 and 3). Makes the gun very inaccurate. Otherwise the quality is fantastic! Already ordered the SLAB. Can't wait for that it!