Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)
Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)
Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)
Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)

Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)

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The motor spanning board makes modding a flywheel blaster like the stryfe as easy as possible! 

The board features an optional XT-60U connection point PLUS standard solder terminals. This means you can choose to use an XT-60U or simply solder to the board directly. 

• Designed by Out of Darts
• For use in all elite flywheel blasters 
• Compatible with all standard cages I sell (NOT compatible with canted/tilted cages)
• Compatible with Jupiter (without XT-60U)
• Includes 3D printed spacers for between the motor and board
• Fits motor (cage) spacing between 37mm and 44mm

• Optional XT-60U solder on connector for easier swapping of cages, wheels, etc.
• 2oz copper
• Rated for all motors I sell
• Pre-soldered XT-60 battery connectors

Customer Reviews

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New V.3 is easier than ever!

Seriously, these new boards are a breeze to use. Now, you line up the red dots on the motors to the red dots on the board, face the arrow forward, and done. These are a step above the V.2.

Brandon Wichkoski
First time modder

First time soldering and modding this board was so easy I will never even think to just use wires. Already ordered another for a 2nd build.

I'll never wire a cage the same again!

Unless the shell won't allow this board to fit, I'm not going to wire a cage in the traditional way ever again.

Once you've verified motor polarity and mounted the motors and flywheels appropriately, simply wire in 18awg wire and solder. Then place the board on the motors, and solder. I prefer soldering opposing corners to keep the mounting even. Make sure the tip edge is in contact with the ring and the tab. Apply solder and fill cup. Then verify motor direction with a 9v alkaline, and solder on your xt-60 pigtail as appropriate (for some reason I need to reverse polarity despite my best efforts, so I make sure the xt-60 plug on the end of the pigtail connects such that the rest of the circuit doesn't need polarity reversed).

I wired up a second cage set for my Spectrum today and the whole process after sitting down with motors, Cage, and wheels in different bags to a completed cage was about 20 minutes, mostly due to the ease of using this board instead of wiring up a traditional loom.

Thanks, Luke! I love these boards!

Joe Bo
Simplifies the circuit.

This board definitely simplifies the wiring for the motors and makes it less likely for you to damage them. The XT-60 connector did not really work for me (don't know if my solder needs to be replaced) but the quality is excellent and so is the customer service. I would definitely recommend this product and buy it for my other blasters.

Joe Bo
XT60 Connect Issues

I am an expert at soldering and have many years of experience. I use a high end Weller soldering station with premium solder. This attached to the motor tabs with no issues but when trying to connect the XT60 connect, the solder would not stick and would just cling to the iron.

Hi Joe, Thanks for the feedback. You'll need to have a clean tip, and turn up the temp to compensate for the thermal mass of the PCB. This board is 2oz copper, so there's a lot more to heat up than most connections. Happy to offer a replacement or refund as needed!