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Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)

Flywheel Motor-Spanning Board (SUPER easy flywheel soldering)

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The motor spanning board makes modding a flywheel blaster like the stryfe as easy as possible! 

The board features an optional XT-60U connection point PLUS standard solder terminals. This means you can choose to use an XT-60U or simply solder to the board directly. 

*When installing match red dots on your motors to the red dots on the board.

• Designed by Out of Darts
• For use in all elite flywheel blasters 
• Compatible with all standard cages I sell (NOT compatible with canted/tilted cages)
• Compatible with Jupiter (without XT-60U)
• Includes 3D printed spacers for between the motor and board
• Fits motor (cage) spacing between 37mm and 44mm

• Optional XT-60U solder on connector for easier swapping of cages, wheels, etc.
• 2oz copper
• Rated for all motors I sell
• Pre-soldered XT-60 battery connectors
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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jayrald T.
Good product horrible quality control

I have to buy 2 more now because my first original order only came with one cover. Thanks…

Great but confusing labels...

I love these so I can just swap out cage setups willy nilly but after doing 3 of them incorrectly the first time, I have concluded that you must match the red dots on your motors to the red dots on the board. I don't know why they bother to put + and - signs near the motor terminals but don't even pay attention to those they are not intended for you to take as instruction for motor placement. Just follow the red dots and you will be just fine.

Seth O.
literally a staple in all of my flywheel builds.

theyre wonderful. never had an issue with one and they save me so much time and effort. thank you once again luke for the amazing product.

Lester C.

Exactly as advertised!

Russell C.
Amazing product! But beware

They recently updated these to version 3. These are awesome span boards but one thing has changed, the polarity. Now when you install this, you have to make sure that your motors' dots are on the same sides, instead of diagonal. This corresponds with the red dots on the span board but if you have been in the hobby for very long then you would think that your motors' red dots should be diagonal from each other. Older videos explaining the installation of these will be wrong now. I would still give 5 stars because it was my fault that I didn't follow the dots.